Tuesday, 12 July 2016

New group in September

New group starting on September 15th,  building on the success of Shallal Pop ups in the area in the spring, we will be working with people in North Cornwall. The group is unnamed as yet and may grow a performance element to it, all that will follow on naturally from the sessions. (Shallal is the sum of it's parts and a very collaborative style of working.)
Jo Lumber who is skipping in the photo often says her quote "Shallal makes life better".
Come along and try it!

I am pleased, 'nervous' and excited to be working with highly experienced dancer/performer ( and more ) http://loistaylor.co.uk/ Lois Taylor , it's on her home ground! and also hopeful that we can bring along lovely Hannah, who helped out at the end of Aiming High and is an integral part of Friends and Dancing.

for further information contact
Jo Willis joewillis3@gmail.com or 07505 983710

Dear Shallal supporter!

Hi, we would like to let you know about our new Shallal community group in North Cornwall.

We hope you can come and join us and tell your friends.

It starts on 15th September 
Thursday 10.15am - 12.15pm
at The Liskerett Centre, Liskeard,
there is parking in the Car Park and it is accessible.

There is a suggested cost of £6 per session, but we are happy to have donations and even energy exchange, we want you to be able to come! 
(Support workers are free but are expected to participate.)

Shallal works in an informal inclusive style. 
The sessions are run to be fun and accessible to all ages and abilities. 
They will be run by Jo Willis ( Shallal's creative director http://www.shallal.org.uk/people.html ) and Lois Taylor http://loistaylor.co.uk/

Hope to see you there.
Do contact Jo Willis for further information at joewillis3@gmail.com or 07505 983710

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