Monday, 20 April 2015

Always New Pop ups Pop out to Newlyn Green.

I have many faults being indecisive is one of them which is, good in some ways and bad in others! - you can see the problem...
So i can't decide which photos to blog and have chosen too many...

Being indecisive helps me allow other peoples ideas to flourish, and means i need to work in a team, I also am aware of the skills i don't have, choosing photographs I often try to do with other artists with a keener eye.
We have a new background team emerging and our creative team is flourishing, many thanks to George who has edited a humourous short video we hope to share with you soon.

Always New Pop ups Pop out to Newlyn Green.
It had been hot and sunny but not that day it changed and the wind made it chilly, so we all kept moving.
The statue and beautiful setting immediately attracted everyone.

loved the line and the sea in the background, next time need to remember to invite a photographer our dear friend Andy is busy now so less available

Dylan and his mum Leslie joined us as he had a day off school, we hope he may come more often

Toby, Anna and Johnathan

Zoe, Toby and Molly

Star and Joseph

Zoe never fails in her poetic expression

Arron balancing with Demelza 

Molly, Colin, Johnathan, Star and Joseph
Johnathan has a condition where he will suddenly have pain for short time but needs to keep his mobility, he is an experienced performer working in other groups before coming to Shallal,  Colin works nearby to support him through it and he continues to do some wonderful work. We are learning all the time each person has their own unique support needs and talents

new members Molly and Johnathan

bit disappointed after Manchester City result!

Anna and Annis had to leave early for an Animation workshop, Finn was walking past and joined us, thank you to Leslie for taking the photo.
Toby, Kerry, Molly and Molly, Katherine, Finn, Zo, Zoe, Katie, Trevor, Star Demelza, Sam, George, Lydia, Jo, Joseph, Tina, Dylan, Arron, Colin, Johnathan and Jo.

Walking back, a beautiful woman on each arm always brings a smile

a last skip before we leave!

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