Monday, 27 April 2015

Touch Roll Contact

Last Friday was the end of Always New research and development funded by The Clare Milne Trust:
                                                              Touch, Roll, Contact!
The rain came, April showers, so our plans for more outdoor exploratory pop ups in Penlee Gardens was cancelled.
However after some fun dancing and warm up we had our meeting and then regrouped and explored Contact work, many new members haven't done any before and old ones loved increasing their risk taking and skills, some ipad snaps below:
touch, contact and rolling
When i first saw Contact improvisation dynamically performed at a Dartington Summer School many years ago i was so struck by the playful and toddler like movement extended and exaggerated! I love rolling .....
Julien Hamilton,& Kirstie Simson were the dancers i remember and while checking for them i found this
( I don't really think in age but my 50's are challenging me! i relate to the last question)

Katherine, Joseph, Zoe, Kerry and Molly
I don't think in age partly because here are ages 60+ - 19 and behind 75 - Trevor  to 14 - Annis !

Katherine and Demelza, when Katherine joined she was inspired by Kerry's contact work with other people.
Johnathan and Colin took time to explore ways of moving and balance, points of contact and working with Johnathan's crutches.
Note fun floral gear! we had good results from playing with costume styles, we like this one floral and neutral combinations.

These then worked well into more soundscapes and dances with George. 
We also took it further into push and pull dynamics with more speed and variation, these i can't capture on photos but lots of interesting good work.
And the chance to reflect and evaluate and listen to each other, we learn so much from all our experiences it is the collaborative way of learning and sharing we enjoy.
We have loved this time to research and develop the work.
Thank you to The Clare Milne Trust.

Zoe's costume arriving on Friday! Looking forward to it and the long held challenge to create dances from costume as the source inspiration. Thank you to Sean and our anonymous funders.

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