Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Summer Flyers - hope to see you soon!


George creates wonderful sound landscapes with his new wave drum and a variety of acoustic instruments we have had some months working with him and Always New and Shared Vision will let you see some of the ways of working we are exploring!!
Choose between two beautiful spaces or come to both! 

Thank you to Michael, Annis and Anna for creating this poster. The photo credits are Andy Parker for the top and Anna for below.
We are so looking forward to this, Shallal 2 are an extraordinary ensemble group and they are joined by the elder Shallal Dance Theatre our main co ( twice the size and nearly 30 yrs old!!) and Skye singer/song writer ( she performs in both groups) and Eddie's band ( Eddie is a past member of both groups and hopes to return soon). We are looking forward to seeing them as we missed their set at Holifield. Travelling Time Wasters includes Stewart and Adrian.

Last not least, HELP we need funds so we don't have to close our groups while awaiting the arrival of grants!!
We are always grateful for how much support we are given and we hope to provide a fun event: more open mike sessions by popular demand, lots of tea and cake and good company, pop in and see the art and buy some!
At St Peter's Hall our past and current home and great supporters through the years. A big thank you to them and all in the community there.

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