Friday, 2 March 2012


There is lots I want to blog about and have some lovely photos of Zoe's to put up soon, but todays news includes good news that we have just been notified that we are successful in our Grants for the Arts application for the Doorways project, so can now go ahead with full blown response, and be paid!
Diana came down today especially to tell the company the good news - thank you.
Good news indeed and it comes on Colin's birthday!
Secondly we have a performance at The Performance Centre next Friday 6.30pm, 9th March for their Diversifest Celebrations so: something old, something new,( in tems of work ) something borrowed,( step ladder from St Peter's Hall), something blue ( blue is Nigel Maynards Drift dam photographs) show, and I have been struggling to get a working running order, but hopefully now we are there. We performed there before Christmas but all our performances so far have been community ones held out of term time, so this time we will have a student audience...
I had creative melt down today trying to link it all up but we are there now, also the nature of Shallal is new faces so always people to support  encourage and put into new and old pieces, and my brain has decided to close down on costume, Terri used to do it and is no longer with us so we need someone else and will start looking soon, now we have budgets in place.

from Zoe's photos

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