Friday, 30 March 2012

exhibition and rehearsals

If you haven't seen it I hope you will it's worth a visit, really beautiful work and 4 paintings sold already. Thank you to Studio 61 for hosting this and for everyones input which has made it such a success. I hope we will have many more exhibitions.
 Steve Tanner will be delivering work next week and the film dvd will arrive by then so - with their computer technical hitched fixed - they will also be there to enjoy.
It was an evening of interesting conversations, so we look forward to how those might flower.

With our self employed artist status reclaimed Shallal is now in a position we thought of many years ago, much more an artists/ facilitators led group collaboration with admin and trustee support. So many more things possible and many exciting projects that have been on the back boiler may with the right timing and funding come together....
there is a wealth of talent and experience in the group at the moment and people who thrive on collaboration we shall see....interestingly the main co still is the seed bed for most of the ideas and people end up there, even if they didn't start there, such as Debs and Duane...partly the informality and time to eat together and chat help that I think.

Thank you to Stephanie who has now finished her 2 week student placement with us, she has been a great help from hands on help and dancing, to research and support. We hope she will get back in touch after her degree when she returns to Cornwall.

We had good rehearsals; tackled Godolphin ideas......lots to work on for next term and Eddie's poem developing into a strong piece, Eleanor and Trevor, Linda, Toby, Debs, Duane and more... lots to work on next term.
Developing Gyllyngdune ideas....I'm singing a simple round with Rory again- fun and I'm feeling distictly old! last time was over 16 years ago, at Truro Museum for a Kneehigh opening for Truro City of Lights.
Alan has returned so he will be with us for Gyllyngdune and Mousehole....just what we needed, he is also busy on a textiles course.

Thinking of Alan reminds me of a beautiful piece of art like a long scroll done in pastels with a poem on that he did and a possible idea for another exhibition would be poetry and paintings..there are lot of old Shallal poems around and i want to make a book sometime, need a printing patron! plan to talk to Sally about books soon.

Mousehole meeting today, with Kate and Gail, freezing wind, but no rain..and good chats and sorting out reality of performances there, main one will be at approx 2pm on the far beach 6th July. Half the performers at Mousehole, as Godolphin the next here are some of Zoe's photos from our Godolphin visit at the beginning of term.

view from the door

in the house listening to Malc, many people inspired by the story of the white lady

Zoe with house in distance

Sammy by the door, note lovely courtyard and door behind

Sam and Toby

playing with the space

hug a pillar, i love them and Roger is writing music for a simple piece with groups around them and musican weaving through

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