Saturday, 24 March 2012

"funny monkey up a tree" notes

  Last Monday Stephanie came with us and we met Jessie in the gardens, taking a break from writing her dissertation, and we went to have a recky particularly to look at the tree. The potentail piece will have vitually no in site rehearsal time so have taken some photos, made notes. While we were there we checked out the steps and the play area where the dragons head will make a nice underwater piece feature!

Then have to blog as Eddie on a creative roll, poem and then a song, as Jacqui has said, "Eddie and I spontaneously wrote a 'funny monkey up a tree' song last night for one of the Shallal dances."

Kerry is keen for the tree challenge and i am keen for something slighty faster than usual for her to complete the challenge/exstension, which is why Anna is added for speed and swinging! and Colin for safety, he and Kerry have worked together a lot before, and Jessie is keen to develop work with Kerry they have 8 short sessions to build the theme and relationships to do the tree..and we hope they don't lop anymore branches off!!

here are some photos

performers please look at spaces! 

Michael gives a good idea of height, only light people hanging!
Jessie sitting on stone
sunny spring day   

width of entrance up

Anna hanging from tree

Luke and Jessie looking out to sea... had hoped to end piece with Michael and Alan here but Alan not available at present which is shame,  hope to catch up with him soon as he and Micahel were developing a comedy duo.

Michael trying for size!

Luke looking through Neptune's chair

sea monsters head, notes..Eleanor on white stone, Tina behind, Toby on earth in middle, Eddie on wooden seat.. 

Searching for music is late for some of the pieces though only song for sea scene and tree one left i think as crows sticking with recorded sound at the moment. So funny monkey up a tree song coming on Friday....

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