Thursday, 8 March 2012

Diversifest Celebrations

Many thanks to Mid Cornwall Diversity Action group for giving us some funding to support this performance. I attended their meeting on Monday which was really interesting.
I am blogging to avoid work sitting surrounded by my "to do" list for today. We are a changing creature every time you think the main company has settled someone has to move on, someone new joins and because of how we work creating with each other, each change brings new opportunities, challenges and gifts. We have officially 'closed for rehearsals' especially as the next performances are particularly challenging outdoor ones, but we have tonight 4 new faces to the main company;
Debs and Sammy from Friends and Dancing,
Duane who works with Giles and Trevor ,when talking to him last time we performed we found he has a wealth of talent and experience in Performing Arts, so he has also joined us,
Jessie who is in her 3rd year Choreography at UCF ( Flo her daughter often comes with her),
and then welcome back to Sophie who has time available with us till the autumn term,
and Rory is also popping into some of the performance.

So we are full company tonight; minus Eddie and Alan - who will be back next week, and Linda who is unwell - we miss her and hope she feels better soon.
Andy Parker continues to take amazing photographs.
Thanks to Frazer who found music for Nigel's powerful photographs, tonight they all come together for the first time!
and Elaine has a new poem.

The other people to thank are our chairperson Gillian Cleave and trustee Tim Boulton who served and supported Shallal and have now moved on to other commitments THANK YOU from us all. We all enjoyed Gill's hospitality, support and legal common sense - artists need that - Tim brought all his diverse experience which helped us to see ways through, and we hope and plan to continue working creatively and musically with him and his inspiration. We welcome trustee Terry Stanton in his new role as Shallal's chairperson and look forward to tea and cake and a trustees meeting at his home next Wednesday!

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