Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Really looking forward to today,
Free tea and cake followed by music, what could be a nicer Winter tea time?
Tea and cake 4.30pm, Music Concert at Falmouth School 6th form organised by Zoe Osmond 5 - 6pm,
We have heard Zoe improvise at the Shallal Shared Residency now we look forward to hearing her and others.
All money raised to Shallal and only £1.50 a ticket....very helpful as Shallal 2 are still seeking funding.
A big thank you to Zoe!!
Zoe is also on Shallal 2's new poster, along with Maybelle...see below

Then a short pause, time to get to Redruth, and see some of the Showings from the Cross Currents Collaborations in our Back Lane West Residency 7.30pm with refreshments.
Good news that despite Jo Lumber being unable to attend, Eddie and Stuart have had a really productive 2 days and we can interact with some of it this evening! and you can see work from "3 men in a tub" with Star, they are also on FB and Studio blog as well as old posts here.

Zoe and Laura also had a good 2 days and some of their work to view on Monday, and on Studio blog tomorrow.
Joan Gabie arrived in Cornwall last night and it was exciting to chat and catch her excitement to get into the studio on Friday, she is our last artist in. She came via Bideford and the interesting project she and her husband were involved in there.

So as well today:
I have a meeting with Colin around Doorways, trying to get Anna and Annis's photos developed for Monday, submitting CPD card application for visiting dancer next term - hopefully - and getting some limited funds for Shallal 2's new show, which is pulling together late but looking good, despite as usual some erratic rehearsal attendance from some performers, and welcoming back David and Paul and new member Maz!
The new show Winter Mixture has a good interesting and varied selection of music suggested by members and I visited the venue Falmouth Art Gallery this week and they were hanging their new exhibition which looks dramatic and brilliant and will be a wonderful setting for it.
Thank you to Falmouth Art Gallery for being such a home and host for Shallal 2.

The Last Showing of Cross Currents work is on Monday at 6pm, with more visual art, photographs and including Toby's frame and Zoe and Laura's creation.

Thank you to Michael our new graphic designer only 17, Michael was one of our resident artists at Porthmeor Studios this summer - despite the faint print on Collaborations poster, done in rush as deadlines for his college work were surrounding it- we get good feedback from the designs especially from artists and we hope to provide Easy Read copy as well in the future and then lets keep going to create posters which cover both in the future, but for now just good to get good quality posters when we need them.
For me it can be a joy and gives me exciting insights to watch his creative process while making them and to do my work alongside with occasional feedback and comments passing between us.

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