Thursday, 3 December 2015

Winter Mixture

Fresh from their success at Porthmeor Studios in September Shallal 2 wanted to perform again.

Shallal groups are a moveable feast and you can never quite determine who is available until the term/day! which is one of the reasons why we created our "Always New ' style of approach to performance improvisation.

This show has a combination of devising and performing techniques and a wonderful selection of music contributed by the dancers.

It is exciting and eclectic with new member Maz, David and Paul have recently returned and a whole new family have joined but are not in this show. Some lovely old members moved on ( Peter now comes to the main co, Skye and Anna too busy at college)  although we hope they will return when they can.

Sidney, last seen in a sling, has progressed to crawling! so watch this space ... if all well he has a spot which is charming, to a beautiful piece of music with mum Rosie and Eddie, and will be seen dipping in and out of other pieces. Maybelle 5 has brought in 2 tracks which start the show and there are some quirky lovely scenes, which match the music mixture.

It is pulled together in a term and coming together well now but will be 'fresh' as Zoe expressed it.

Do come along and see it, it's free in Falmouth Art Gallery on Thursday 17th December, timed to late night shopping so you can do some of that as well. The show runs approx 35 minutes.

Thanks again to Zoe Osmond who organised a music concert and played with other pupils from Falmouth School. It raised £125, much needed as Shallal 2 are unfunded this term.

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