Thursday, 17 December 2015

Winter Mixture

Thank you to everyone for last night.

The hard thing for the performers is to have no wings/off stage or space to hide, however the beauty of the high ceiling, smooth wooden floor and wonderful strong paintings surrounding them is a pleasure. Along with the ever constant hospitality and welcome which make Falmouth Art Gallery home from home for many in the area: Maybelle, Rosie and Sidney are frequent visitors, Eddie has done work experience and exhibited paintings, Jo works there, i have run workshops, performances, attended numerous children home ed art/writing workshops and seen shows there as well as private views etc it is a real hub in our community and big THANK YOU to them for continued support.

Andrew and Miles

group improvisation

Welcome to Maz

Thank you to our audience a packed house from family and friends to those who have never seen us before. Thank you also for the generous response, as we seek funding for next year, over £100 was donated. We were able to enjoy Christmas cake and refreshments afterwards.
We are sorry to have missed Anne and Ley who are regular and wonderful performers and were unable to be with us in the past month, however welcome to Maz and we have new people interested and that is always heartening, and David and Paul have returned. The nature of Shallal and community groups is often a moveable feast as people commitments and circumstances change,  Anna and Skye may return next term! now they have settled into college.
 I haven't sat down to really analyse how it works 'the power of attraction' but it does and i came to the work through it. After shows we often have people ask to join.
So nearly to the holidays our Shallal Dance Theatre Christmas Party today and then rest till the new year.

Photos from last night are posted on

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  1. Congratulations to all in Shallal 2 for the inspiring performance last night! It was electric right from the start, and the whole experience; gallery space, music, movement worked so well together. I had to dash away before the drink at the end, so I wanted to say 'well done'!