Friday, 27 November 2015

Thursday night Benefit and Back Lane West

Yesterday provided the treat of attending 2 events i wasn't involved in organising - well a very little in BLW -
and they lived up to expectation, Zoe Osmond's cafe style musical treat, so much talent and so lovely to be there and enjoy it all, everyone said the same, a Big Thank You to Zoe and all her supporters, performers and helpers. They raised £125!
(Every time Philip Robinson and i chat (apart from about chickens) i want to try to resurrect/recreate MAP Music Access Project - one day maybe we will finally get there, it was such a success and there is so much interest and talent.)

Short pause and onto Back Lane West, everyone commented on the space, we love it!
and it fits so well, greeted by Oli's wonderful photos and Eddie and Stuart's fabulous interactive projections, then into the music, sound, projection, movement with 4 'performed' pieces, i immersed myself in one and was so happy, i love it and it worked so well, well done to all artists!

Lots of ideas for progression from us all, need to capture and dwell on them and let them bloom, first and easiest is longer time next year, booked in well in advance so everyone can clear their diaries as George keen to also work with Stuart as well on expanding possibilities and skills sharing.

Jo and George messing about at the end!

It is 'enabling' as Jane said the fun of seeing people work well together and find common grounds and stretch ones own art form into others....
Cross Currents where lots of ripples meet, form, peak and spread out.

I'm also keen on a small annual festival idea, where all this could be more widely shared and showcased.

Also busy hatching plans from the successful pop ups which carried on well after i had to leave them, photos coming soon from Demelza.
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