Sunday, 1 November 2015

Grasping Granite..Zoe Osmond photos Godolphin Doorways

Some of Zoe Osmond's photos from Friday at Godolphin House.
Meeting tomorrow with Godolphin House staff to negotiate the show etc, we were also looking round for instillations and exhibition or something in The Cidery a few weeks before...
and Back Lane West Cross Currents residency starts tomorrow, i get the key today - hurray!

i know it\s the wrong way up but it was sent this way and i like the hair!!
lost my nerve here it is right way up

the coat


Demelza and Katie, strike a pose!
they a have a dramatic twosome from 2iis that we might have to develop for this environment

they also have a laugh!
the drama of the potting shed
i started writing a blog some years ago as it was recommended as away to show artistic process development,  partnerships, all the things you naturally do but funders might not know about unless you tell them,  etc well this blog now shows my mind enjoying this photo!
it feels like a ( ships) figure head looking back into time, we are all still quite into the white lady stories!
"grasping granite"

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