Saturday, 14 November 2015

News: Zoe Young, Fundraiser at Falmouth School 26th and Showings at Back Lane West!

Busy day in main co, 2 or 3 new dance pieces created with George towards Godolphin Doorways - Artistic director breathes sigh of relief and they/performers say "You can trust us - to deliver " i reply, "I do trust, you just not sure i trust myself " - to do my part adequately
so back to
Trust the process!!

Barbara Santi introduced us to Zoe Young who will be filming the documentary part of the project. Zoe joined in and loves to dance :), she might also be called Zoe Freda as we have so many Zoe's at present.

Zoe Osmond is very kindly organising a Fundraiser:

Hello all Shallaler's!
I am organising a concert at my school sixth form, that is raising money for Shallal.
All you guys are welcome to come along! 
It is on Thursday the 26th in the Falmouth School sixth from common room (if you arrive at the main entrance there will be people to show you in). 
People will be serving free tea and cake from 4.30 
with the music beginning at 5.00 (and lasting till 6.00).
I'll be playing something, along with solo's and duet from different friends. 
The tickets are £1.50...if anyone would like to come please let me know and i'll put some aside at the door for you.

Much love Zoe :) x

Back Lane West, Redruth will have  'Showing' of Cross Art Form Collaborations starting at 7.30pm .... so why not have a Shallal evening and roll onto that afterwards!
Next Showing "Through our eyes" visual arts part and possibly costume etc will be on Monday 30th November evening time tbc
more info and updates on /

Back Lane West continues to speed up with return from USA of Laura Menzies, "Geraldine" our tailors dummy from 2iis R& D is having a journey to play with Zoe Wilton and Laura next week.
Zoe has been squeezing performers into costumes over the last 2 weeks, Colin's greek/morris dancer look was recut into ......

as the old one smelled too damp! can't wait for space to put stuff...roll on permanent studio space!

Tuesday I will be at AHSW conference
with 10 minute Provocation titled Providing Inclusive Pathways.

I get a chance to speak about what i care about, time is running out, i am 52 and one gets impatient ! i think dancers are often impatient?!-
Had nice chat with Kiki Gale HFC dance consultant about this and more recently. Waiting to see the real changes, the work has been valid for over 50 years now, happening widely since the 80's it needs to be embedded in society....not still being noted that the arts work for different groups! make it an ongoing widespread provision and reality....oops best save it for Tuesday!

Also with close of Arts for Health Cornwall - many thanks for all they have done....
a quick none Shallal announcement, which i have 'put out there'

Local artist database suggestion from local practitioner

Dear Artists and Practitioners,

I feel very passionate about artists work and continuing provision.
(I started voluntarily was given work in a hospital, went freelance and haven't ever stopped. I gained my initial experience in the early 80's in London, which included psychiatric, stroke rehab, and community settings.)

With the close of Arts for Health and all they have provided, I am concerned that there should be a site where artists can connect and potential employers and funders can find suitable artists for their work/projects without randomly scouring the web.

So I have a proposal which would be to build a simple free weebly website, I am happy to do this.
I have done Shallal's weebly pro site see below.
(The site I suggest wouldn't be under Shallal but autonomous, however Shallal could link to it as hopefully other supportive organisations would)

It would need a good title ( suggestions please ) and a home page with a short explanation, then headings for different art forms,  each artist can have a page under their art form.

To be included you would need to send me:
your art form
information about your work and experience
up to 3 photos, ( jpeg please)
and your contact details.

Once created ( if you want ) I maybe able to give you the email and password so you can update your page when you need to, or send me the new information.
That is all the maintenance needed.
You can also circulate the website to your contacts so it gets known.
There is scope for publicising it and marketing if anyone has the time and skills ie: a press release, launch party etc
I would like to think I could put it together by 2016 and as Jane leaves mid Dec there wouldn't be too much of a gap.
Look forward to hearing from you.
best wishes

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