Friday, 30 October 2015

young uns at Godolphin

Some photos from Godolphin visit with Anna and Skye, it grew from 3 dancers and Belinda into production team and some others who didn't make the first day and then the lovely Wheelers came to be with those they had missed......
warming up by the wonderful old door
George's music and slippery stones, damp day, we had hoped for the mist to be there

playing with the go pro
Demelza was able to join us

Skye's new red hair

lots of cameras, we then left the courtyard and Zoe recorded the other group so their photos to follow

Play is the most important part of improvisation it allows authentic movement and helps with nerves and self conciousness

in the Cidery
great photos - the camera was shared and Skye took these i think

I used to say to a friend i worked with "it has to be fun", if you are not professional why do you do it? it can be hard work and serious and requires commitment but it has to be fun too....
........the dancers often take the best photos of each other as they trust and play also helps them develop their eye, which is so important when you don't work with technique, it is all self and group reflective

Jo Lumber's coat!

in action

Arron, Zoe, Anna, Skye, Annis and Joseph
tea and cake or icecream are always favourites

Belinda photography, John art and production and Colin! - posing...

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