Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hanging Around

Yesterday Colin, Demelza and I went to Dance in Time at Dartington.
Thanks to Demelza for the photos!
In the Aerial workshop....
 you start here and with
 (a little panic on my part!) help and clear instructions ...
 you end up here!

 and for the more adventurous and supple!


Demelza and Vicky
Thank you to Vicky from UPSWING

Colin and Demelza had a CPD session at the end of the afternoon and I went to falls prevention.

We did a short spontaneous presentation in the afternoon group sharing and 5 other dancers got up to join us in an Open Improvisation so we were able to show and share our approach from Shallal Shared Residency.
It was good to watch all the groups and i saw Cornish Inner Ground Dance Company co directed By Caroline Schanche, who was in Shallal some years ago now, and Tina Cockett was in, i have heard so much about them but not seen them, so it was good to see everyones diverse and interesting work, and inspiring to see people continue dancing.

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