Wednesday, 30 September 2015

comments from Contrasts and Overview

I have sat down to write an Overview and remembered that comments from Saturday have been shared with Shallal 2 but not yet on here.

So Contrasts first.
Thank you to everyone in Shallal 2 for facing the challenge of access to St Ives, worth it but a struggle, we came by car and train!
Thank you to Chris Hibbert, Lou Brett, Arts Council England, Henrietta Boex, Falmouth Art Gallery, Colin Curbishley, Naomi Frears and Lucy ( artist last in the lovely big Studio 5 that we used), drivers, family and friends.
Anna and Skye, tired but available, came to join in again, they are missed now they are at college and n/a on weekday dance days.

The show was really well received and we had a full audience of approximately 40.

Audience Comments
"delightful, uplifting" 
"Heart lifting, Soul enriching, mesmerising

for the first time we did an encore! as the audience were very appreciative, and we had Chasing Pavements 'up our sleeve' but not in the programme of work.
Thank you to George for filming it, we have no photos but look forward to seeing the film..
Donations collected were just under £100 with half going to Action for refugees

(for local insight see:
Anna Munden is now training at Bristol Old Vic and performs with local Pipeline Theatre Company
Congratulations to them for rave 5 * reviews from Edinburgh Festival)

Onto Overview:

Yesterday Shallal 2 met and discussed another small Christmas show, and Mazz has joined us recently! after watching shows for a few years.

Today Colin and i go to Dance in Time at Dartington - the joy of CPD for an affordable £10! - really looking forward to it.

There are lots of possibilities from Contrasts and Shallal Studios Residency at Porthmeor which finished yesterday. I can't do it justice but the last 2 days meant a lot as we had an emerging graduate artist Lily stay with us, (she drove from Shropshire to work in the studio for 2 days!) Lily loved meeting with and working alongside everyone. Yesterday we arrived to collect furniture and Zoe and Toby were photographing a beautiful swan drawing of Zoe's.

This morning i open my emails to to one from Jane at Back Lane West - can't wait - our next Cross Art form residency called Cross Currents, which includes a possibility for artists to participate in workshops run by Cinestar, Jo Mayes ( who we worked with in re mapping st ives)  co -directs.

Yesterday Colin told me Express Yourself had an excellent clay workshop, i look forward to hearing about it today.
On our journey we will dream and scheme around our community groups and developing more outreach and potential new work in new areas.

Welcome to Matt Leach our new business manager! 

Cornish Doorways full steering committee to meet soon, and John Keys coming to chat on Friday at main co.

Plan to meet Laura from EMMI soon )

Meeting Belinda Whiting re Doorways photography next week.
New film camera coming soon to main company via Barbara, when we last had a camera some wonderful novel work was done.
George editing photos for youtube looking forward to it!
Potential to hang Andy Parker's exhibition of large black and white photos at Porthmeor Studios.

Late notice, that i was accepted to give a Provocation for 10 mins - no powerpoint - at AHSW Conference on 17 November. It will help me refine my ideas and increase my experience of talking to larger groups, this time my main plea is for accessible community groups as progression from targeted groups, including some overview of running inclusive community groups and approaches/ methodology for that.
We also hope to disseminate what we have learned in Shallal Shared and Always New research.

Shallal Studios blog can be found under more on their website, watch out for online exhibition of art work from the residency coming soon!!

Many thanks to all the artists who enabled it to be such an enriching time for us all, with many new partnerships formed from it. What we have learned and the impetus will help to inform us in our desire for a permanent inclusive arts studio in Cornwall.
I have an artists statement for my work with the main co, and hope to write soon about the impulse for Shallal Studios.

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