Monday, 14 September 2015

Passmore Edwards

Well what a wonderful way to start this term when we embrace Doorways project and begin at Blackwater Village Hall.
John Passmore Edwards was born in the village. Dean Evans gave us an illuminating slide show and i cannot do his life justice or thanks Dean enough for all his work to preserve his legacy and remind us of such a great and good man, who wanted to be "useful."
In his lifetime he was called Mt Greatheart.
When i went around at the end of the afternoon it was really good to see how everyone had picked up different aspects of his life and expanded on them. I look forward to seeing how the company develop their ideas.
Dean Evans and Peter Kirby outside the newly refurbished Blackwater Village Hall. Passmore Edwards grew up in Blackwater

Interesting slide show with food for thought.

some of our highlights and inspiration from the talk

Portraits of Passmore Edwards when he was older, building Hospitals, libraries and more, pathway through life and inspiration, he was at his desk before 7am till after 7pm, the influence of a girl selling drawings of bricks and the 3 pasties he took to his first job with him, are some of the images we have
"I thoroughly enjoyed working with your group today. You are all so enthusiastic. See you again soon."

Dean Evans 11.9.15

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