Sunday, 27 September 2015

Documenting Eddie, Zoe and Lydia photographing earth fire wind etc placs at Newlyn Gallery.

 Demelza and Jo went out with  Eddie, Zoe and Lydia sketching and photographing earth, fire, air and water placs at Newlyn Gallery. 
Thanks to Demelza for the following photos.
Passmore Edwards built the gallery and we hope to perform there in next years Newlyn Arts Festival and or make a dance film from dancing on thh steps of the old entrance - we shall see!
We hope Eddie might create a body of work in response to them and Jo has ideas for clay plaques, so we look forward to it all. 
Barbara was in in the afternoon, introducing the photography, film, recording side of the Doorways project. We hope to soon have in our hands a new film camera which she discussed with us, our old one was from 2005 and couldn't be repaired 3 years ago, so we look forward to being able to film again and seeing everyones response to using it.
Eddie with sketchbook

Lydia with her ipad

Zoe with her camera she won from a competition!

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