Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Working timetable for Back Lane West

Dear Artists,

I'm temporarily unable to log in to our Shallal Studios website blog which is where i usually post our Back Lane West Schedule so far, so am using this blog for it; 

yet to be.....
Illustration - Jo and Artists
Book edit - Jo and Matt 
Sign Language book research - Demelza 
some of these might be off site
Big Painting Day/s - EY artists, Miles, Barry....

1 October
so excited for second exploratory light workshop with Pete Freeman
George - music 
Sam - design and movement
Colin - design, making and movement 
Clare - photography
and maybe Kerry T (movement)
Jo - creative director
3 Colin, Barry and Eddie expressive painting
4 Alexandra
5 Alexandra 
Alexandra ?
8 Jo In 11-2 Illustration R&D Sam and George cancelled ( George at XR - thank you George, Matt also there )
14 Phoebe and Toby exploring puppetry workshop with ......
15 Phoebe and Toby exploring puppetry -happy to have others come along this week, Sam and George
16 Phoebe and Toby exploring puppetry - Lou exploring animation time tbc
17 Phoebe and Toby exploring puppetry 
     - Colin overflow into studio Big painting with Tina, Sam, Pam, Janice?
18 Phoebe and Toby exploring puppetry
21 Eddie and Stewart
22 Sam and George, Pete, Star, Jo lighting R&D collaboration again
25 Colin with Sally and Zoe, Toby? (Jo, Luke, Peter visiting?)
26 Event 3-6 Presentation and showing of Light R&D and discussion
28 Kerry J and Mel - springboard from last time expressive abstract painting into...
29 Kerry J and Mel, Sam and George
30 Kerry J and Mel
31 could be free .....could be clearing out ....could be Colin and ....

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