Saturday, 14 September 2019

The Nature of Why, Para Orchestra and Caroline Bowditch ...the concept of Universal Design

Last night 12 of us went to see The Nature of Why
Thank you to all our friends at Kneehigh what a wonderful gift.
I haven't seen anything that good or engaging since Wolfgang's work!
The joy of being immersed in live music and dancers around you, and so well done, sensitive engaging, including and so much to say about it.
 I had read about Caroline Bowditch the choreographer before and had heard the excitement with which Anna ( Murphy) talked about Charles Heywood and the Para Orchestra..

Im just following threads from looking up Caroline's work and have found links to:

Design for All[edit]

The term Design for All (DfA) is used to describe a design philosophy targeting the use of products, services and systems by as many people as possible without the need for adaptation. "Design for All is design for human diversity, social inclusion and equality" (EIDD Stockholm Declaration, 2004). According to the European Commission, it "encourages manufacturers and service providers to produce new technologies for everyone: technologies that are suitable for the elderly and people with disabilities, as much as the teenage techno wizard."[8] The origin of Design for All[9] lies in the field of barrier free accessibility for people with disabilities and the broader notion of universal design. 

So great we are on the page and thread we have been following..!
It's what i've been working on in our small way and path.......I visited America when i was 16 and about 21  and was so impressed by beauiful new build accessible public that time i had seen nothing similar in the UK.. 

These workshops will introduce Principles of Universal Design in dance and performance pioneered by Jürg Koch at the University of Washington, Seattle. Instead of a disability specific approach of ‘adapting’ movement to suit individuals, this approach allows everyone in the class to work with the same principles and use them in a way that works for them and allows them to push themselves.

Yay, that is what we have been working on....

And then Tinas birthday her photo is on instagram!
the final dance of The Nature of Why ,the dancer in the centre of the piece chose her as his partner! see instagram for Colin's photo
and thank you to Eden for a great day ....
leave that for another episode.

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