Thursday, 19 September 2019

a few comments...

A nice part of an email from Lucy 'Lights'
I heard Shallal were doing a beautiful performance with the Paraorchestra at Asylum last week. 
I was at Kneehigh barns working with dancer Emily Alden.
 The Charles Hazelwood & the Paraorchestra team came back Friday evening saying how lovely it was; the nicest show & warmest welcome they'd had since performing in Australia I think he said.
Love to all the team
Xxx Lucy

Demelza and I are keen to see Emily's show

and so are Lois and Tom who are doing great work which keeps returning to and gaining source and inspiration from Tom's poetry, role on Poetic Places! My new 'to do' list item...

Studio filling up, Back Lane West timetabling in and one more show to go, lots to share! and Shallal 2 show has such potential but i need to get running order sorted now or last week!

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