Monday, 2 September 2019

Notes from CPD with Harry Theaker re Embodied Space

Harry's feedback conversation

Colin and I gathered around a computer, with our mobile mobile phones to ascertain how to have the best conversation with Harry miles away 'up north.'
It took a while to find a time, but it was so worth it, 
we tend to just do and unconsciously, intuitively agree so it's good to see the differences and give time to look at the fine things, the subtleties and learn from each others perspective and reflection.

Notes from CPD mentoring by Harry Theatre with Jo and Colin July 2019

Tons of stuff
A sense of an invitation with something thats like a little bit rare..unique opportunity to play with others “ playful space”
Unfolding possibilities, potential locating oneself in that context as life generally not like that

People present without judgment in their uniqueness poetry

“Process as Performance”
..not relying on overly defining

Love working with loose structures
“richly energised space”
”really powerful”

( who gets the mic? which voice do you follow)
Energising present 
Not known 
Reset  the Space

Jo - How would you describe it?
“Completely indescribable. See it for yourself”

How much sensitivity people have for each other
How much care,
 as well as carefreeness
….something we don’t often see
…( perform, care world around us) in the room
‘positive regard’

Everybody shining
no-one over influencing

Zero Balancing -
present, get out the way enough

Safe Surprises
With it challenges events, predicaments
‘a live space’
Takes you into a heart space

including conversation in the performance
Narrator to the audience ( Colin has done with Daniela etc)
Audience conversation

Starting with bang and letting it deconstruct
Playing with Dynamics
- discussion re improv ideas in rehearsal/practice time

Positive collaboration

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