Wednesday, 21 August 2019

A lot going on!

So much going on, I'll try to tell some through photos:

Firstly thank you to Anna for all her insight, help and support,
she's off to uni soon, leaving me with instagram. She gave me my second lesson this morning! but i'm not a good photographer like her!
She is about to make me a poster for Embodied Space before she leaves. We already have a wonderful short promo film by Barbara
Anna is already planning how to get back for Back Lane West Residency which she has been involved in since the beginning! 

Fabulous quirky and powerful intriguing Portraits
from Express Yourself Artists currently at Falmouth Art Gallery community space.
Lots of interactive interesting art for all the family in Falmouth Art Gallery Summer show worth a visit.

Adam working hard tweeking the last credits for 'Face to Face' inspired mini film by Shallal 2 dancers
 So I'm still on half holiday but had a wonderful end of the day sea swim Tuesday with Phoebe and we chatted about the new Studio and projects,
Lou, Phoebbe and i collect the key tomorrow,
and then work floods in, so much of it!
all starting with a bang next term!!!

August 26 Shallal Studios has a new home at Krowji GO8!

Embodied Space, Shallal Dance Theatre performances 
14th September       2pm       Eden Arts Festival Weekend, Eden Project
15th September       3pm      Trerife House, Penzance
27th September       7.30pm Liskerett Centre Liskeard with
                                                                                    Continuum Dance, Out There and Thomas Remnant

5 October                      11.30am and 2pm Shallal 2 performing at Fun Palaces Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro
1-31 October Back Lane West Residency

Lastly thinking of Robin Fisher, who has stayed with us for the final part of his swimming preparation for his cross channel swim
We wish him good conditions and urge you to support him if you can.
Robin tucking into breakfast with Mary - lots of calories needed for the swim!
I wanted to blog this photo to share some of our holidays and time with Robin and because i realised when looking at it that it had lots of artists work that i love in it...
so do take a look at :
from left to right
drawing from Sidney from Shallal 2 underneath left
hl=en - i'm not sure if Chema has a current website, his painting is one people often enjoy and ask about. .

Hope you have had a good summer and hope to see you at an event next term!

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