Monday, 16 September 2019

Early start, Elephant Queen on Apple tv, lighting, attitude, solar 'little sun' studio and BLW spaces

Up early, autumn time!
and Colin time as 2 'larks', i'm often curious to his timetable start routine as I am to my brothers ( Mark, Elephant Queen see below).
Both often start earlier than i have been.
Loving working on a laptop again and by the light of a solar 'little sun' i can now creep easily around the early morning home without turning lights on and off.
This mornings early admin, I think half of it is i want my family time and my day with some potential for choice and can't accept giving it all to admin... It originally started due to children and their needing me when awake, so computer stuff was 5-7am, but it leaks in and also then is in your head all day?!
Anyway this is a ramble as all much better now most of my admin is creative, people related, thanks to Hennie, Matt and Lou. THANK YOU!
photo by George
When the Moon was calling upon the bay...

So inspired to find this:
Just like Universal design, my heart warms when someone expresses some thing of what i feel...
I love working with artistic people whose sense of humour is bigger than their egos, and who want the journey to be as good as the destination.
from we are hoping to work with dear Lucy Lights ( Gaskell) on our new project 2020.

I'm off on a 'to do' list for planning our next Shallal Dance Theatre project POETIC PLACES and I am enthused and learning so much from our current one Embodied Space.
I just want to do it for years, which we will! - hoping the offer from Kneehigh will come through for Asylum next year. Hope to return to Eden, hope to build a small performance outreach 'paid' group, so we can extend our reach.
"Paid" is a peculiar and difficult one when your income is benefits which it would be for some of our potential performers with support needs....we are researching it..any suggestions welcome.

Excited to work with Pete this Friday, another look at lighting.

Just remembered this so pleased for them and excited the film finally leaves home and more of the public can see it!
Elephant Queen out on Apple TV November 1.
meanwhile our broody hen sits on guinea fowl eggs, thanks to Mark ( my brother )! passing on 7 from their clutch of 30 eggs! will they hatch??

Missing Anna's artistic eye and photos for Instagram. 
However Luke has taken some good photos so might have to pass it on.
Anna was wanting to get to Back Lane West must check in with her.
Time table filling: contact us for spaces in BLW or studio

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