Monday, 21 October 2019

Busy 4 weeks....Post delayed ...wtih audience comments Face to Face

Well its been our busiest 4 weeks ever:
Unexpected but welcome new Studio set up and moving in (  'still'  Colin is building sink unit! -                                                                       thanks  to Oli and Zeph for old belfast sink ) started in August
3 Embodied Space Performances
1 Shallal 2 commissioned show 2 performances
Shallal Sketchbooks at Krwoji Fun Palace
October Back Lane West residency
Farewell to St Peters Hall, Newlyn Shallal Dance Theatre's original home and birth place! We have                                                             used it the majority of our 30 years and it was temporary studio                                                             home our studio for past months

Shallal 2 Face to Face
 Fun Palace
Royal Cornwall Museum 
October 5  2019

Audience Comments

Really enjoyable, creative show,
lovely to see such inclusion and working together and participants enjoying.

Wonderful expressive performance.
Really absorbing. Thank you, 

Magical - thank you! Wonderful to be able to see you.

Our second time enjoying Shallal in a Gallery space. So very joyful, the company bring an honesty and depth with a Great sense of fun.
I felt lifted, moved and fully engaged.
Thank you.

Always great! 
I remember singing Grandfather Clock when kneehigh to my Dad.

Loved watching the performance in a gallery space - it really brought the objects to life.
Plus the shadows against the white wall looked amazing!

Brilliant work as usual from Shallal - mesmerising, fun, inspiring, entertaining, emotional, laugh out loud - this show had it all! Well done.

So pleased for/proud of my brother!

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