Thursday, 31 October 2019

Pam's writing in response to Embodied Space in light collaboration with Peter Freeman

After Pete's talk - wonderful and the sharing/showing ..many people left and the rest of us sat round to chat... all the artists and some of the audience.
I always learn so much listening to others, this time we chatted and then Colin suggested we heard everyone's input, in the midst of artists feedback we were all 'blown away/over awed' by Pam's analysis and perception of her journey watching it....

Rose mentions the 3 elements which has sparked off a lot of learning for me and

Pam created this on the way home from Sculpting with Light event....

                                      The Singer and the Song

I am the Singer I heard the Song
In a magical space where there was no right or wrong
Where I was welcome and felt part of it all
I felt you call I felt you call
Not with words
There was no need
My inner ear heard and paid it heed
Quietly and slowly, no need for speed.

I felt free to just Be 

Time to look 
Time to see
To listen to hear
To feel
To absorb
To learn and heal

You are the Singer You are the Song
You are the Song You sing for Us All

You give your heart You give your All

That must be right It can't be wrong.

I now am the Singer
I now am the Song

and then sent this to me after being asked to write it down from the artists involved....

                                          Walking into the Light - Reflections

Act 1 - Entering

There's a place I now know where I went to a Show
In Redruth not far from the shops
It is quite near yet set apart 
where special people transform Lives 
Through Art

In a quiet side street there is a white door with a single banner
No more to indicate what treasure lies within

You enter to see -
bare walls and floor
Tables and chairs, hooks for coats - not much more behind that door.
The makings for tea and coffee to drink
Nothing special here you may think.

Then people arrive and bring in their Light
The blinds are drawn, day turns into night

Artists and Dancers gather there
Getting ready to share
A Performance. 
Talk Wisdom Discovery Insight into the Power of Talking Light

We are the Audience, they are the Players until they strip away the layers which lie between,invite us to join them into their dream.

I notice tubes in rainbow hues upon a wall and that's not all
Upon the bareness of the floor are cubes and tubes, a shining dish and computer screen
What is to come remains unseen

Act 2 - Anticipation and the Performance begins

Then we saw sculptures and buildings transformed by light which changes as people move and breathe
I found it difficult to believe.

I'd never seen the like before
There was so much more
Oh so much more

And then ...
The scene changed again

Act 3 - When Performance became Experience

All was transformed as those white walls were bathed in light to become blue green pink 
hints of flickering flame
Then back to white again.

Next was a Story with many themes
No, I'd never seen it before except in my dreams
and yet
I remembered it again as it ebbed and flowed
went and came

Rising Falling like a flame

It touched me to my very core
My Spirit sang 
Set free to soar.

And there was more ...

Music began
The Dancers began to fill the empty space
The room became a stage

Amazement showed, glowed, on every face
As they began to dance, leap, prance, twirl, swirl, open from a foetal curl
Drew together then apart
They entranced us with their Art

I saw a timeless story told which needed no words to help it unfold
From simple single cell to sentient beings
No need for speech to make themselves heard.

The Light became alive as it played its own part.

I saw more things than were actually 'Real -
I heard singing where there were none
I smelt fear
tasted the sweet essence of Joy
felt the awe of awakening minds as faces turned towards the Light

Dawn breaking Rainbow glows Wonder shows

I saw the thoughts shining there as they became Aware
Thought made them care, want to share

Act 4 - Revelation

Audience and Players merged as energy surged

In my heart the boundaries dissolved between us

No You No Me No Them 
Just Us
United again

I walked in a Fourth Dimension into our Intuitive Mind
No longer anything to bind

No longer blind to that Loving Light

A magical refrain filled my empty heart
Now I feel I can play my part

Not alone but a part of a Whole
Body Mind and Soul

Finale - Every End is a new Beginning

The Show ended but the curtain didn't fall

I never knew that such a thing could be

Thank You All for Bringing Hope to Me.

by Pam Wilson
October 2019
(do not use without permission)

i forwarded it to our patron Robert Fripp and...

"wonderful! ......

perhaps it is something of a challenge for us to hold Hope;
in front of the visible challenges of our suffering world;
in the Faith that what is real and available to us;
is on the job - and counting on us to be available as well?"

all this brings XR to mind and the times we need to be responsive to...

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