Thursday, 31 October 2019

structures? and thoughts ...links to Robert Fripp

i started with reading Shallal's draft business plan for our AGM it is ...must do homework as I'm chatting to Nick Fripp this evening..

emerging from that ( my early morning office session, i love working from home in early dawn with dogs and Cornish rain for company! ) read Pam's poem (see next blog).... to my beloved husband who 'gets it' and suggested sending it to Robert Fripp talking about Guitar Craft brought me via pages in his online book to here so helpful to have articulated thoughts an perceptions

Now all change as "bing bing" a 4 year old enters the room and piano begins to be played in another room, welcome to the day with: George and a long unhurried we hope arty talk - my favourite - with lunch, even better, to be joined by Colin and then head off to Shallal 2...tomorrow our fabulous Sharing and Liskeard beforehand, a  lot to process digest into winter hibernation and flowering...

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