Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Show and Alice

"Congratulations again on the lovely show, it was brilliant!"
audience member from Shallal 2!

Well done everyone who enabled the show to be such a success, including those who supported and performed  in the first one in 2012!
This one was very different in the themes the co chose to highlight! and yet still contained 4 pieces from the first one including the joyful solo from Zoe and poem (now poems) of Elaine, as well as new pieces to the music of Roger Pinsent and Rory's wordscapes. It was a joy to have Jack perform the trumpet solo and to have new members enjoying the wonderful 'stage' of the entrance to the house, with it's"half open door" - the name of one of my favourite pieces. The Duchess, the horse race and flowers ....all increased interaction with the audience, a nice mix of old and new faces and 170+ of them, all baking in the sun which we weren't sure ( when the day started ) would smile on us.

More quotes and comments to come soon.
Victoria and i are looking forward to collating all the feedback/evaluation forms on Monday, lots of responses from artists involved by email already and the company feedback next Friday.

Demelza and i are off next week to join Get Changed Theatre co for their last week of rehearsals, we are also working with Shallal friend and MAP facilitator Philip Robinson...

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