Tuesday, 7 June 2016

News and Alice again!

So much going on:
Lelsey-anne and Colin are representing Shallal at Creative Placemaking in Penzance, at The Exchange  on Thursday evening.
The event starts at 6.30 (doors open at 6).Tim Hubbard, formerly of the BBC, will be the compere for the evening.
"Shallal studios is an exciting and totally inclusive approach to arts that offers a new way of thinking about creative place making in Penzance." 

Alice is unavailable, replaced and then restored in one day in Get Changed Theatre Co's fast moving rehearsals..the joy yesterday of a stunning duet by Suzie and David showing their talent and potential, however not sure the Queen and Mad Hatter can integrate a duet into the new show --we shall see!
 I am learning a lot, transferring skills and Shallal's process to a talented theatre co. It was good to have Demelza along yesterday and we have two more days to go then the show on Saturday and Sunday! Thank you to Jules, Philip and team for warm welcome and fun!
Come along and see what part Demelza eventually plays!

Invitation to be part of "fun" research at Falmouth University http://www.culturalminds.co.uk/volunteer.html

Pop Ups coming soon new page with info on our website!
Thanks to Feast for funding this.

It has been exciting watch the installations at Godolphin and trace those back through Shallal Studio residencies and back to our Arts Council funded 2iis research and development project some years ago now! Exciting conversation with Victoria and we may hope to revive the Shallal Sketchbooks from that time and last week i was inspired by the beauty and simplicity of Nigel's final show ( he helped us at 2iis) more on Studio blog!

Zoe Osmond gave a wonderful recital on Monday, which i sadly missed, but she has shared some new music with me and we hope she will perform playing her violin within Shallal 2's next show.

Collating feedback from Doorways which we will blog some of soon. Very pleased with how it all came together, well done again to everyone who made it possible!
Onwards to visiting Falmouth Library for Doorways r & d on July 1st and dear Passmore Edwards, looking forward to that work. Think we may need to do moving performance so as not to block the space for too long, lovely entrance and stairwell to play with and the friendly Falmouth Art Gallery above as well.

And returning to visual arts: do look at these http://nigelmaynard.weebly.com/2016---abstractions.html
more info on Studio blog: http://www.shallalstudios.com/blog

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