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Audience Feedback from Doorways performance at Godolphin

Some spontaneous feedback

well done Jo and team what an achievement - its was fantastic.  Incredible experience and what an audience!  I could really see how well it was all supported - wonderful. 


Barbara Santi
awen productions CIC, Director | Producer

Godolphin was absolutely brilliant we thought, the best Shallal production weve seen and great that so many people came to watch,
Lin and Ian While

company end of session group bow at dress rehearsal
photo Steve Tanner

written responses below
We had 70 returned, thank you to all responded, 
if you didn't at the time you can still fill in the questionnaire on

6. Were there any barriers to attending the event?
not to far to walk and good amenities
i had a lift
local position, easy to park, beautiful setting
walking and not knowing

8. Did you enjoy the event?
Wonderful concept - very moving
It was beautiful inclusive creative
wonderful - so inclusive

9. Why?
lovely people, lovely music, lovely place, lovely story, lovely atmosphere
everyone was so happy
it was magical and looked lovely
The play was moving ( not in the least sentimental, funny, and very professional.
very evocative
I found it moving, loved the veils tableau, dancing music, inclusive of all.
uplifting, fun
It really moved me
Impressive emotional content
Loved seeing our daughter perform
wonderful Shallal!
so focused
it broke boundaries
wonderful performance- very moving
It was very moving, creative and entertaining with lovely music
Shallal lets us see what beautiful things people can do. No barriers.
Variety of humour, serious, costume, great inclusive
So impressed by how you bring out the expression from your friends (totally unexpected on house visit from Australia)
Fantastic dancing and perfect setting
because of the inclusion aspect
inclusive and fluid
Celebrating the Natural History of my Ancestors
so high quality
informative and well acted
creativity and team work
The monologue was ongoing, the venue very special
It was different and very expressive
beautiful setting, great interpretation, fantastic theme
combination of music and dance in beautiful setting
it all fitted so beautifully- music and movement all
had everything sad funny emotional
great to see such an inclusive show
It showed fantastic talent
so moving, lovely music. Well done all
Everyone worked so hard despite any disabilities
beautiful music, beautiful to see them in this setting
much more wonderful to see this group rather than professionals in this space
the dancers moved beautifully
It was exquisitely beautiful
the expressions/movement spoke volumes
Because the dancing was good and the acting as well
inventive and inclusive
It was inspirational
entertaining and inclusive
Beautiful. inspiring!
made me cry lovely
beautiful venue, beautiful dancing, mesmerising and funny
so innovative and moving

10. Did the Event highlight any local heritage themes for you?
yes a lot 11. never been here before
Being an old manor house enhanced the performance
never been here, liked the connectivity
Unable to put the energy into words
it shows what Godolphin House would be like in the past
stories of Godolphin
Ancient Doorways and Architecture
Bal maidens and mining - a local tradition
wonderful to embrace Cornish heritage
Godolphin a great venue
Themes throughout the show and songs highlighted different relevant historic events
I havent been to Godolphin before
It is an old house
story of Lady Godolphin
History of Godolphin House

11. Please explain
They used the site beautiful. They made it more attractive
History of the house
Not always sure what it was all about but all was so enchanting
Conjured up feeling of the past ( i.e. Pre- WW1) and the value of artefacts which go with it.
Sir William Godolphion died when he fell off his horse
Conjured up a vision of times gone by
history of mining, Godolphin house history
yes a little 10. a bit go Godolphin History was included
great music original dances
The buildings history
Godolphin History - possible version
story of godolphin
local heritage
Godolphin House History, Mining above and below stairs
learning about history of Godolphin
History of Godolphin family
made me aware of the history of Godolphin House
never knew this place existed
mutual support and publicity
Lady Godolphin a joy
needed to know background
History of Godolphin House
not sure- arrived after it started
unexpected story telling
encouraging to see that people with special needs have the opportunity to express themselves
unsure what they are

12. Did the Shallal event enhance your experience of the location?
They brought histories to life
weather /situation
See per war quote,brought house to life in a gentle convincing way, Far more vivid /convincing/authoritative than Living History
seeting and costume relating to the period
enhanced experience of location
very atmospheric
stories - it brought the building to life in a magical way

13. Please explain
Gave the dance a context
superb place
its utterly beautiful
a great venue
yes a little 12. know the place well
Enhanced tales of the location
Outside experience, garden, trees against house, sunshine and shade.
Perfect back drop for a great inclusive event
It was a lovely experience
Brought some life to the area
wonderful grand setting
Brought it alive
it is beautiful -  here would like to return
Right People, Right Place,  Right Time
reminded me of Glormangast
lovely relaxed event
The utmost respect shown to the buildings and surroundings
The house and those who lived in it came to life. It was a haunting experience
new place for us (were other end of Cornwall)
great use of the space, will definitely come alive for me, make next visit
very complimentary to the environment
such a backdrop lent towards all movement etc
house /pillars /garden whole area
The columns and brickwork gave an excellent backdrop. Sitting on a circle was excellent
a wonderful setting
Felt we were not alone ( Eileen Herzberg was here)
brilliant location beautiful setting
topics gave some perspective
The performance totally suited the environment
The pillars raised entrance and green circle
It was very clever
special sunny beautiful
Lovely walk through the woods
Godolphin House

14. Did the event enable you to increase your understanding of inclusive arts?
 I had never considered inclusion to dance
so inclusive
know bit more of what can be achieved 
yes a little 
well used to it

 15. Please explain
They were so professional and talented.
As always!
Not sure reply 14. I am an ex-professional theatre, then start Falmouth School of art and lead not best word but something like that - where we have two handicapped regular dances
Working together all ages and abilities creative.
Always need to see these events in person to fully understand
So full of talent
it epitomised inclusivity
incredible diversity
It was wonderful to see all the performers together as equal
I alreadty understand inclusive arts but its always a joy to see and have it reinforced
yes increased understanding of inclusive arts
The interaction between able and lessable was inspiring
loved the way able worked with less able
Too much write here
already familiar
First time with expressive dancing
awareness of different levels of ability/mobility etc working collaboratively
Visually see people with a disability but in the performance their disability is almost invisible How it should be
can see what can be achieved
Everyone being equal and able
As i havent experienced many inclusive arts events - only Echoes dance co . very much enjoyed it and want to thank the cast for their hard work and professionalism :)
Everyone regardless of availability played an integral and important part
Enhanced knowledge. Great to see all involved
my wife runs an inclusive cornish dance co. it shows people who wouldnt have a chance to perform in public
just love seeing everyone together exploring universal themes of humanity - we are all the same at heart
I was particularly moved by the performance of 2 paralysed women. Incredibly beautiful
nothing can prevent expression from the soul
everyone all abilities to a high standard
Shallal are always inclusive exemplary
cast members including with learning difficulties

16. Would you come to a Shallal event again?
Enjoyed it very much
Enjoyable to watch
Its rare to see inclusive arts so often the performances are for the converted not the public
to support and encourage
It was very unusual and to support people we know ( Apex and Creative Brain)
if in area and available
we dont live in the area
if i have a lift with a friend

17. Any other comments
Very moving
such a worthwhile experience for both cast and audience
Full of admiration. Worthwhile. Keep up the fight( which it must be) despite philistine un-imaginative government
Shame it was only one performance at Godolphin House
It is great that NT are onboard with this project - may there be more at Godolphin  and other NT venues.
45 min good length Variety of song and spoken word. Variety of dance. Loved the horses
best show yet
Best Shallal show in along time
Thank you
What an amazing charity!
Great direction and management choreography in keeping with Shallal and funding
Looking forward to next one
Thank you for an amazing show
was as unexpected addition to the day, so very pleasing PL17 8PH
well done!!
well done
Thank you
very good - inspiring- sorry missed first half
very enjoyable
we enjoyed the performance
All beautiful. Thank you.
thought it was brilliant
Bravo Brilliant
It was an amazing production and both fun and moving. We had tears at the end.
Keep going
more please
Really enjoyed the whole show, fantastic!
Well done to all involved
Thank you for a truly lovely experience
It was very good and i enjoyed it a lot
Congratulations on a superb performance
need clipboards to rest this form on or pens! needs more organising
loved it

it was all so lovely

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