Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Catch Up!

So much going on: and FB is getting all the notices and it is easier to upload many images onto so blog a little neglected!

However here we go:
*good meeting with Kiki Gale and she and i start work hopefully on 11th looking at short, mid and longterm funding and organisational work - thank you to Lesley-ann for coming along and helping it all happen
*on the behind the scenes our monthly business meetings are going well, thanks to all the team
* as are our trustees meetings and a new trustee waiting in the wings with different and complimentary skills and interests
*Victoria and i also meet nearly every week project co-ordination (and my brain is so grateful!) and all is going well - we are also doing a bit of sideways hatching of Shallal Sketchbooks again a dearly loved idea which Victoria can run with and Hennie also has had in her dream list so we will all meet very soon.
*Shallal Sketchbooks have had help from Anne Macakay and Lou Brett and now Victoria is spreading it out again and it feels right. It will be in our November Back Lane West residency and Falmouth library or art gallery next summer as part of Doorways.

*So my 'to do list' involves our new group at Liskerett Centre, Liskeard starting in September with well known dance artist Lois Taylor. I am looking forward to working with Lois. Michael can design us a poster and we will start getting the word out so people can free up their timetables to come along!
Thursdays 10.15am - 12.15pm

*and then dear old Back Lane West again
what a privilege and pleasure to have that space to fill! and I need to write a bid for it and contact all artists and dream and scheme a little... or a lot!

*email surprises this morning, wonderful visiting artists feedback from Steve Tanner ....
"As always a delight and pleasure to work with ‘The Shallal Team’ 
I hope to do more in the future, as the process is so accepting, non judgemental, refreshing, raw, encouraging and fulfilling.
Keep on doing what you do. It feels so rich and emotional for the participants that flows over to the audience."
What could we improve on? "I guess only with more support/money to push the work to get more people to see it."

*Press release/s - one successful for Sam's Show

hanging the show this Saturday
Shallal 2 showing work at it on Wednesday 6.15pm
Private view 6 - 8pm
6th July

Shallal 2 collected a wonderful body of work over the last few months but have had people in and out of sessions so a struggle with continuity, however we have gathered some pieces we like that work to show on Wednesday, and it all feels better now we have the order and had a rehearsal last night! - they are always worth watching!

We couldn't get a reporter so have collated our own press review for Doorways which we will publish here soon! 
dress rehearsal horse race by Steve Tanner
Galloping George, Peter, Colin, Brian and Joseph!

Jerry came to give us the Rotary Cheque, photo on Facebook.

This week Falmouth Library, Dean Evans kindly visiting again, and Gyllyngdune Garden

15th filming on the Newlyn Art Gallery steps

then 22nd Tough Dough workshop

4th August
I am learning so much from the Pop Ups, testing and stretching improv and audiences
Mazey Day
Eddie and Demelza developing into character acting - especially in cafe,
Colin and Peter such clowns! wonderful interactions with passing families, motorists etc
and i still love the more edgy movement stuff, Colin and Peter just lay on a bench at Mazey day and many commented!
Joseph can come to Playfest so all change again... 

Express Yourself 
go from strength to strength and it's always a joy to cover for Debs and work with them, they are developing more and more confidence with Colin in improv and performance for Sharing and Showing their work- another coming soon!

Oh and we want to make a short documentary for next years PDSW film festival featuring Trevor,
"Short Dance Film Competition by Pavilion Dance South West for films featuring mature dancers, to celebrate dance film, older people dancing and to share amazing work from across the globe. "
and i had a good meeting recently with Zannah Doan from PDSW.

  and a press release just written

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