Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pop Ups start today!

Back to Holifield today, now a regular slot in our calender and their line up sounds great this year, every year at the end of the day we say "Next year we will camp, shake out those bell tents and stay on!"
However this year it's work again tomorrow, the really nice part of it! our first visit to St Austell Festival, which we are looking forward to and in conversation with Annette, we hope it will be the first of many, and with potential for engaging with artists in that area in the future.
(Our Feast Doorways outreach funding saw us recently at Blantyre Day Centre and in September plans are a foot for Shallal 2 to start R & D for a project with Wheal Martyn Museum

A while ago i was musing on the 3 strands of work in the main co: Projects, Commissions and our own Artistic investigations. We have them all close now, which is unusual: Doorways a project a long time in coming and now happily underway, Alice in Wonderland an outreach commission, Pop Ups building on our own Artistic Research last year.
I am looking forward to the Pop Ups. Originally designed with Joseph, Colin and Demelza, the first trial day out it extended to Katie ( Cross Currents Residency). Now it encompasses, Eddie and Peter as Katie and Joseph are unexpectedly very booked up this summer, but are available for some of them.
Ben and Brian went out with Jo Lumber on Friday - a new team we hope we can try out today, and Zo will join us with Katie tomorrow.

Peter left and Brian middle below are both strong in the moment performers and so we are pleased to have them with us in this style.

When we first started we received a lot of 'busking ' style invitations to outdoor charity events, Mazey Day etc. Which were really fun, they allow you to meet people who won't step inside a theatre to see you, after watching, bumping into the work, they often come up to talk and tell you they like it are moved/entertained by the performance.
It depends a lot on the style of performer you have with you and when we restarted Phil who is a lovely humourous engaging performer had had enough of outdoor 'busking,' no -one else was too keen so we hung up our hats for a while and it is now nice to be outdoors more again and this time with a mobile light weight interactive style.

Hope to see you soon!
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Thanks to Belinda who brought over Tom to meet and chat yesterday, Tom is an interesting dancer who likes improvisation and has worked with many different groups, he may move down to Cornwall, "welcome" to him and hope we may work together soon.

Jack ( trumpet player ) hopes to come along to sessions, Delpha ( artist and accordion player ) will drop in and next week is music improv in the afternoon, bring along instruments and see what happens! and who knows Jess from Exeter and Get Changed Theatre co has said she would like to visit us sometime with her sitar!

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