Monday, 23 May 2016

Photos by Steve from dress rehearsal....

I have just uploaded Steve Tanners first batch of photos from the dress rehearsal onto Facebook.
Wonderful that the first few are of new people, in their first major show with us!
Brian and Ben
 Ben and Brian are a good twosome and we are really glad to have them with us, Ben has attended Colin's groups for a while before joining us as well. Ben has amazing timing and spatial awareness, which shows up well in open improvisation. We are a little restricted by the site in this piece, uneven ground and less off stage area, but hope to showcase more of his talent in our next show, however watch out for him, especially in the horse race!
The Two Mollies
Molly 2 and Molly 1

Molly and Molly are neighbours, they rush off to more dance classes at the end of the morning session, .
Molly 1's mum Danu was Shallal's first development manager!
Molly chose the song she dances to, which gives me an excuse to sing a favourite song i think Anna Murphy taught me many years ago!
Molly 2 is helping with backstage this time but we hope she will feel well enough to join in soon.

Anna in middle
Anna joined us in time for our AMATA residency and is a lovely engaging and quirky performer.
She wrote a good poem which didn't quite get in due to timing pressure but we hope to show it somehow soon, and themes from it inspire pieces in the show.

Thanks to funding via a CPD dance card Mike has been able to stay overnight in the Penzance area so he can get to rehearsals as he lives in Wadebridge.

To see all the photos and get a taster for some of the show see our facebook page.

Thank you once again to Steve, at the dress rehearsal we had Zoe taking close ups for the film and Belinda, whose show looks wonderful do try to see it, so they were having to peer around each other and all the wonderful colonnades to get photos - quite a feat!

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