Sunday, 24 May 2020

videos - Al's poem on youtube and ~Reaching Communities

Outlets for creativity in Shutdown...?

.................................................just edited Al's poem with paintings

Fantasy Flowers by Alan Britt Way Owl

and made a video from Steve's photos recently........ 
Katherine Giddings
photo Steve Tanner

and now doing some tidying pre-admin work i was distracted and re-listened to a track
and came to this

and then this
made 2 months later!

combining my love of street music and spontaneous dance and by the sea!

Have spent the week watching Amici films screened on you tube to celebrate their 40th anniversary, so good to have them to watch and to reflect on creating work, as Anna then watched the indoor Doorways show we created with Rory at the Acorn 2012!

Many thanks can now be said publicly to our funders, Henry Smith Charity already enable the community groups to run and now we have Reaching Communities to thank for enabling Shallal2, & Shallal Dance Theatre to run and to pay the Studio rent for the next 3 years!
A huge thank you we are so grateful and it has made all the difference to our provision and stability to enter this turbulent and yet restricted time knowing we are supported to deliver our outreach and sustain our work. Our thanks  to Lou and Barbara whose thorough and persistent work behind the scenes enables us to all work on these wonderful projects!

Shallal Dance Theatre is awarded £250,000 Reaching Communities funding
Shallal Dance Theatre is delighted to announce successfully securing £250,000 from the National Lottery Reaching Communities fund to support the charity over the next three years.
Shallal is an ambitious inclusive arts charity in Cornwall founded thirty years ago, which runs on-going community groups across the county, specialist sessions and a dance theatre performance company based in St. Erth.
Filmmaker and Co-Producer of the project Barbara Santi explains, “We believe that Shallal’s work can truly change people’s lives, especially those who are most vulnerable in society. This funding will enable the charity to really grow and thrive while delivering inspiring opportunities for people as well as raising the profile of inclusive arts and dance practice. We are so thankful for Reaching Communities for believing in this pioneering work which for many is a real life line, especially during these difficult challenging times.
Creative director, Shallal Dance Theatre, Jo Willis continues: “We are so grateful to have received this funding from RC's just before COVD-19 as it has enabled us to continue our provision, work creatively and connect with everyone. 
In spite of the current coronavirus pandemic, Shallal has been able to continue supporting group members remotely via a variety of means from online to telephone and post. Shallal’s dance and art groups are still open to new members and welcome new people of all ages and abilities who are finding social isolation challenging and need to feel socially connected and creative.

At a time of social distancing Shallal members are continuing to find as many methods as possible to stay in contact, connect remotely and continue to be creative. Send your images to Phoebe at to add to the new gallery:
More Good News
The Studio was recently awarded Arts Council COVID-19 emergency funding to make weekly art activity vidoes and postal art packs to engage Shallal members during social isolation, ensuring that people without internet access can still take part. The results will be shared online and in paper catalogue form. We will be doing this in partnership with Project Ability in Glasgow who work with artists with support needs, sharing and swapping resources and responses to form a wider creative community.
This will be a valuable new partnership for the studio and a way to contribute to and strengthen our Connect and Create programme across the whole charity.

Shallal Sketchbooks is back with Claire Mayle steering it,
email for a sketchbook and join in
"We've been supporting the staff on the COVID ward at Treliske Hospital by providing sketchbooks and hope to be interviewing one of the nurses next week to find out how she is getting on this space."

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