Friday, 1 May 2020

Fabulous Friday...

I might call it Fabulous Friday! such a tonic to speak to half of Shallal Dance Theatre Co - Colin and i share the chats.

Some jewels...

Flowers and trees 
by A Britt Way Owl (Written 24 April 2020)

I dance with flowers, their joy, their beauty
Their colours that bring scent to my senses
Their light that shines in my dreams
Of divine delight
Of trees that sway and dance to a blue light
Of trees that grow of the emerald light
Of fairies that dance with flowers
Feathering that touch my spirit 
Of seeing their love 
That floats like heavenly wings
Glistening in a land of flowers and trees 
And nature spirit in all, in one.

From George...
so beautiful, you can see more on

"some pictures from the Hayle estuary beach.  ... Dylan and I built stone towers in the  50th anniversary of Earth Day last Wednesday? Ever since, other’s  have been adding to it. Stone Temple Village! I go down most days to tend to what  I’ve built, make something new and photograph. Sometimes I meet the people who have  been inspired to make things. Families, individuals and’s great!"

comment" Oh thank you so much! My daughter and i saw them the other day and it felt like a touch of magic, and really made our day"

Also from George...
" I love Hofesh’s work. Not sure this ‘fresh off the press’ preview does it justice though..."

Barbara Santi's suggestion today for more in-depth film project, always such a pleasure to work creatively with her.
Everyone in Shallal Dance Theatre needs a project now - i feel. 
Like everyone we had plans, we are very adaptable but before "The Great Quietening" we were heading into serious rehearsals for Poetic Places whose first shows would have been in May/June.. 
So we are pleased to embark on a new project or two.

Thank you to Phoebe's friend Will Heard for the track Coming Around ( The Nest), to work with soon. 
We are currently working with Darcy's Hodgkinson's evocative Dancing in the Evening Skies.
Really pleased for Shallal to commission Toby for a painting to go with this.

Trying to find ways to work creatively with images of bodies and dance with Zoom! 
Shallal 2 and Shallal Dance Theatre are exploring it soon.

Recently went on a Zoom Culture Declares Emergency conference and was introduced to Donut Economics
I'm a fan and now signed up to the blog!

Connect & Create review and visioning meeting 12 May:
very pleased with how it is going but need to check in with sustainability, lessons learnt and future projections and plans...

7 levels to consider:
Group and groups
Local community

Culture Declares Emergency conversations included Cultural Equality

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