Monday, 11 May 2020

Connect & Create Music Choices etc week 7

Connect  & Create Music Playlist and news week 7

Good to meet up on Zoom last week with some of Shallal 2 and Shallal Dance Theatre and here's to more!

Fun to dance across the videos and through the screens inspired by each other.
Each time we add to our understanding, this week the music quality should be better!
do try to tap into a speaker if you have one to enhance the experience.

George is joining us with live music on Friday in Shallal Dance Theatre Zoom!

Films are coming in - thank you!
Lou is looking at editing the dance film - phew - i knew it was out of my depth but was willing to give it a go! so am glad to hand it over, we will still collaborate and discuss it.
and poems from Thomas to share coming soon..

This weeks film with dance ideas etc
password: dance
talks of spirals and straight lines...

Warm up

Moving more, warming up/stretching


start and faster movements

can't resist it....just do a little

crossing the room, travelling, footwork and just keep fit!

Theme, spirals and lines...pauses, travelling  etc....

i'm very indecisive today..if you have energy go for it...spirals and lines, pause again

winding down and focused

Relax to 

Art theme this week is Still Life see our new you tube channel! with a guest video from a friend Ruby Bateman...

next week new video from Lou.

Happy Birthday last week to Toby and Sam,
photos by Steve Tanner

Pep and Justin are exploring...
"Revolutionizing the way musicians connect, play, learn and earn. Across a city or across a nation."

Thanks again to Andrew for help with embedding and to Jerry, our Trustees and all who help behind the scenes. Mary is helping me with research, it's so good to have people with other view points and skills to support what we do.

I am so impressed by the creativity and care throughout Shallal, thank you all.


  1. Can we dance to how could anyone ever tell you by elaine silver please thanks

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