Saturday, 15 June 2019

Queens Nursing award to Debs.... film and instagram

Congratulations to Debbie O'Nyons for Queens Nursing award for personalised care!
( her other job! )
Debs has a real heart for her patients/ the people she meets and extending their opportunities, it is wonderful she has been awarded this and recognised for it.
Deb's has added so much to Shallal and its super to have her back in Shallal Dance Theatre when she can come.
Film? and Instagram...
The end of the last blog i mentioned filming on sand and who knows after a meeting with Mary's friend Adam today we might be nearer than i anticipated. Adam is a really interesting local filmmaker wanting a new project! and to extend his portfolio.
Its always an interesting journey from friendly ( and in our case quite manic ) chats to working with someone, so we have booked a 'work' chat and hopefully we will do something exploratory (and low maintenance on my part!) just get the dancers to a few/ venues..nearby and maybe only 2 to start with, there is a "a carrot" an instagram dance films opportunity ..
the world of Instagram....
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