Wednesday, 22 May 2019

MInack photos and more...

Sometimes a lot happens at once, we have just come out of 3 Embodied Space shows and they were all so completely different.
Since Friday I am processing the style, the elements, we know them well experientially but how to find the language to delve deeper and discuss with those who don't do the practice..the insights of the performers as ever are vital and I will share all that soon.

It was with excitement and trepidation i went yesterday morning to Minack Theatre Car Park. Colin and i were having a site meeting for Embodied Space performing there 2pm Friday 7 June.
Who wouldn't love to go to the Minack for a meeting! the extraordinary blessing of living where we do, and then, had i made a daft decision? who performs in Car Parks? well we do obviously!
Anyway my fears were allayed by short grass (fairly flat), blue sea and ornamental plant rockery back drop and the most obliging and supportive staff you could ask for, so here's hoping.

A few years ago we blogged a meeting on a small cliff in St Ives, but now this photo celebrates our best, outdoor stunning view, meeting venue so far.

The natural beauty that surrounds us in Cornwall, especially those who live in Penwith, - it is one of the most beautiful places i have visited in the world - which leads us to this Friday and our unscheduled Pop Up Embodied Space response to the 2nd Global Strike for the Climate
You can find us this Friday 11am - 12pm performances 
12pm - 1pm chalk drawing 
on Newlyn Green.

At present i am thinking we might do the same music as we did on the beach at Trebah Gardens 'Sorrowful Songs,' followed by the Kestle Barton cowslip meadow where we resonated with the hope Spring brings ( 'Primavera', Einaudi) and hope for a renewal, revival and reversal/repair? 
In Cornwall there are now choughs reestablished in their habitats, when i was child they were virtually extinct in the wild.

This week i also received this from Tina Cockett who gave so much to Shallal throughout the charity from back stage, performing, movement development, skills sharing workshop, bid writing, national networking and just a really good supportive friend to us all.

"...I have been thrilled to learn of all Shallal’s continuing work via Facebook over the last four years.
Have often thought of you all .... so I can thank you properly for your inspiration and the experience Shallal gave me. ... I am offering a solo movement installation in some local woods. ....
with my deepest appreciation of Shallal’s presence in my life in Cornwall love and best wishes to all Shallal members."

So to end, this post seems to have most of the components that arise in this blog, creative reflection, sharing  information, feedback with company members and artists, letting our funders see a glimpse of partnerships and process, background work and notice of forthcoming events in Shallal and within our wider community.

It is the start of another glorious sunny day here, and sometimes the financial insecurity of working in project-led funded work, in a low income area, is soothed and balanced by freedom and flexibility - I might go for my first sea swim this year after my early morning meeting!
Yesterday Luke and i had hoped to scout out some Parkcor spots after the meeting however we ended up eating fish and chips at Sennen, it's fantastic to have these short holiday moments interspersing working life, there is a point to this! low tide firm smooth sand is something to dance and be filmed on! I'm still waiting to do this.....

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