Wednesday, 19 June 2019

weather and working outdoors and film

Well we ( Shallal Dance Theatre) made it, second try, last Friday, to the Minack Theatre Car Park to perform Embodied Space.
We attracted a stalwart audience, it was breezy and not so warm to watch it all, there were a lot of passing visitors who stayed for a few dances ( often filming them) and then made their way on to the theatre.
Not writing too much yet, as yet to have feedback session, however many dancers said it was their favourite and most successful Embodied Space so far.

We ( with 2 dancers from Shallal 2) also made it, second try, to a local beach for a film outing with Adam.
Each first time the weather was truly against us, the Cornish 'Rivieria,' which we are so blessed to live in, has temperamental and unpredictable weather which teaches you to seize the day, or hour, it changes so fast! The westerly wet winds coming in from the Atlantic etc...

So my reason to sit down to blog was to say,  as i mused over some images from the day, whilst washing up....
" What a blessing it is to watch people dance over years."
Shallal's way of working means that they share/show something of themselves with you.
This was highlighted by watching a short film made by James from Shallal Dance Theatre's Embodied Spaces at Trebah Gardens for their recent project Operation Overlord.
This evening there were only 4 dancers at Shallal 2 (quality not quantity) and i am so moved/impressed to watch peoples talent and confidence unfurl, ages 8 to 48, Lee just had his birthday!

Reflection on todays film time:
First try, over a week ago, the rain came, so we stayed indoors sorting out clothes and showing Adam some dances.
(Maybelle has been dancing in Shallal since she was 3 and Anna since she was 7?
Maybelle is moving out of early childhood and Anna is moving out to London in September and is now 19 so it feels special to record them at this time.)

and then, second trytoday, it was so much sunnier at the beach and hotter than we imagined

we live in a beautiful place, this is on our doorstep

Low tide, Adam checking film and Maybelle distracted by a sea creature?

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