Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Short film by Adam Drake on Instagram, film with Barbara on Friday and sunshine

Midsummer Sunshine!
captured in Adam's film
hoping to be chosen for @dancefilms

Well done again to Shallal Dance Theatre, Thomas Remnant and Lois Taylor, at Midsummer dance, (i've been rewatching the recording) rained that day a little but we were under cover!

And I'm awake early with lots of potential ideas in my head and hoping Adam has some time to work more with us in Shallal 2 
looking forward to working with Barbara on Friday filming in the beautiful Tremenheere Gallery,
"I love her work" 
"'s real class" 
"we love working with her"
were some of the company comments last week.

We have discussed dance films and how to capture our work for years, i tried and i don't think will progress beyond....

Barbara has created exquisite films, collaborations and documentaries over many years with us, all these are hers!
 and there is a great new Awen / Shallal project in the pipeline which i hope to got to a meeting about in two weeks, and fingers crossed it gets it's funding.

So film is in my head as Many Thanks to Adam Drake for this little gem:

I love the way work and collaborations evolve, and am very grateful for the creative, collaborative and community life in the best of Cornwall. The interconnectedness of it all and as i get older seeing the development, enjoyed seeing Eddie dance page while researching today!***

Conversations around the table, family and friends:
Adam is an old friend of Mary, our eldest daughter, we always enjoyed chatting and eventually booked ourselves a work type chat and this is the result.
Our first film time was rained off, but enabled us to be indoors (our sitting room) check outfits, let Maybelle meet Adam  and to show Adam some of the dancers pieces they liked and had already danced a lot to.
Second time we had such a short window of opportunity Anna had an hour and Maybelle 2-3, Adam decided on the one location Castle Beach ( a locals favourite family quiet swimming beach)...
the tide was low so Maybelle and he scampered down ( not so easy with film camera) over slippery low tide rocks to the sweet sandbar and ran around, with me holding the phone playing music behind Adam, whilst trying to keep out of shot, hilarious and needed to be filmed!
The film is not a record of pieces already created, it is dictated and created by/for film and the music chosen by Adam afterwards, and for the edit many thanks to @cartridge_dj for the tune
We hope to continue our Shallal 2 relationship with Adam ( who lives in Falmouth ) as each group grows in its area, and also cross fertilises as at Midsummer Dance and in Embodied Space.

Eddie dance page

Star's photos from the Minack

Nordic Skiers: first album is on Spotify

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