Wednesday, 12 July 2017

So much to catch up on, Blue Light Day was a good opportunity to meet old and new friends, and promote Out There the new Liskeard group and Shallal Sketchbooks along with our forthcoming show!

There's a lot happening.
This morning sees me preparing to hang Belinda's fantastic photos with her at Gyllyngdune Gardens.
Chance, serendipity, providence all play a part, along with planning!
I am better at the first, as those who work with me know, "seize the day" when i first heard it  reinforced my own, "embrace the day" and all that it will bring!
Quick digression - i love the informality of blogs!-  yesterday the day brought 2 puppies a month earlier than my calculations, which were wrong!!

So a lovely chance conversation and observation has given us a three weeks exhibition, another chance to see these insightful and delightful photographs.
Because Shallal is made up of the sum of it's parts someone else's 'eye' and vision is always so valued and helps us learn and grow.

For many artists my lack of direction and thought through 'product' ideas can be unusual, but for me more and more it is workshop/studio time and we are 'all in it together' working from our ideas and all the talent and material the others around us bring! and somehow along the way something happens, which we then have to capture, and not squash, and see if it can 'leave home' and go out into the world. 
Chat with old friend Nigel Maynard by chance recently, so good to talk about this approach and how we see it being left on the side in some art perspectives. He us currently on MA Photography at Plymouth University, i highly recommend his beautiful work 
Description, analysis and background are not necessary for art to speak, it can speak symbolically without words and if it has 'left home' it has its own conversation, revelation and dialogue with its audience, observers, it is symbolic and elicits a personnel response form the audience that the artists should not interfere with by overstating/labelling/unnecessary background and personnel reasoning...whoops and on with the's on
FRIDAY and I'm about to put our show credits on the next blog!

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