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On-line credits for Ladders and Footprints

Fridays show is not seated and so a programme seems inappropriate however it is nice to know, to credit and to thank, so there will be one on display and one here!                                  

Ladders and Footprints 


Brian Ackland
Toby Bridge
Lauren Bryant
Tina Butler
Eddie Callis
Colin Curbishley
Ben  Dunstan
Katherine Giddings
Kerry Jackson
Peter Kirby
Jonathan Knowles
Jo Lumber
Pep Mogas
Debbie O’Nyons
Anna Penhaligon
Demelza Rouncefield
Elaine Stammers
Molly Smith
Joseph Wheeler
Katie Wheeler
Zo Wheeler
Sam While
Marjorie Wilton
Zoe Wilton

We wish Trevor Hill a speedy recovery.
Not with us today are: Lydia Smith, Kerry Tomlinson and Delpha Hudson

Shallal’s improvising musician - George Bradley Peer
Technical support by Jacob Wheeler

New Music 
Passmore’s New Hat    by Roger Pinsent
Climbing the Ladder     by Eddie and Jacqui Callis
You Make Me               written and performed by Skye Mackay accompanied by           Zian and Jem Mackay

Poems and spoken word by Elaine Stammers, Toby Bridge, Debbie O’Nyons, Jo Lumber and Star

Music credits
Unknown found by Terri Stevens
Apiskidu & The rigged ship played by Delpha Hudson
Tilted                            by Christine and the Queens
Bethana Concert waltz by Scott Joplin
Distant Past                  by Everything Everything

Backstage and support - Nigel Pooley, Annis Popovski- Smith, Anna Willis
Doorways project co-ordinator - Victoria Hodgkinson
Costume - Victoria Hodgkinson and company
(with thanks to Miracle Theatre and Sean O Donohoe)
Facilitation and Artistic support, Travel and staging co-ordination and much more! - Colin Curbishley
Poster design - Michael Willis
Business manager - Matt Leach
Creative director - Jo Willis
Executive Producers - Barbara Santi and Lou Brett

Painting inspired by Passmore Edwards life and philosophy 
by Toby Bridge, 
Banners by Tony Minion with art work by Shallal artists
Exhibition of art inspired by Passmore Edwards and his buildings in Cornwall and beyond 
by Shallal artists and performers in Falmouth Art Gallery community space, which is in the foyer and on the stairs.

Many thanks to the projects visiting artists:
Patrick Mcwilliam - carving, Victoria Hodgkinson and Amanda Slade - hats,  Harry Theaker - creative direction.

Thank to The Arts Council and Jane and Patrick Lowry at Back Lane West for Footprints residency November 2016, which enabled research for aspects of the show.
Back Lane West Footprints residency research
Colin Curbishley, Pep Mogas, Kerry Jackson - ladder with music by Delpha Hudson, Nigel Bispham, Jo Lumber - writing, Lou Brett - film

Thanks to:
Dean Evans who brought Passmore Edwards life and legacy back into the foreground and wrote ‘Funding the Ladder’.

St Peters Hall, Newlyn, Jacob, Glen and Aaron Wheeler, Jacqui Callis, Emily Dobson, Belinda Whiting, Steve Tanner, Barbara Santi, Lou Brett, Martha Dixon (film editing), Miracle Theatre wardrobe, staff and volunteers at Falmouth Art Gallery and Library, Trustees, Donors, our friends and families.
In grateful memory to Bee Duxbury.

Exhibition of photographs from Doorways research Godolphin Show 2016 by Belinda Whiting is at Gyllyngdune Gardens foyer for July.

Films made during the R&D give insight into behind the scenes at Shallal Dance Theatre:

‘Inclusive Dance’ by Lou Brett, Martha Dixon, Barbara Santi

‘As we get older’ by Barbara Santi

Grateful thanks to our funders and to donors, patrons and friends.

Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Garfield and Weston.

The John Passmore Edwards Life Ladder

John Passmore Edwards was born in the village of Blackwater, in Cornwall on 24 March 1823.  He grew up alongside three brothers. His father was a carpenter and his mother was the daughter of a saddle maker.  Neither rich nor poor, the Passmore Edwards were typical, hardworking Cornish folk, doing whatever work was necessary to raise the family.

An enthusiastic reader from a young age, John read his father’s copies of ‘The Penny’ magazine from cover to cover.  He would save up his pennies and walk six miles to Truro, to buy books from a second-hand bookshop. From childhood he wanted ‘to be useful’ and felt it was ‘the duty of the wealthy to help the poor.’

His first venture into journalism was as a freelance writer for the West Briton. But with not enough work available, he took up a position on the ‘The Sentinel’ paper in Manchester.

It took him 48 hours to travel there, by steamship and train, and he carried his possessions in a large carpet bag, made by his mother!

With hard work and determination, he became proprietor of numerous newspapers and magazines including ‘The English Mechanic’ and ‘Building News’.

This formed the basis of his wealth, that he was to later use for the benefit of the working classes.

He became a member of Parliament, as a Radical Liberal.  He was against capital punishment and corporal punishment in schools and the military.
He campaigned for the abolition of slavery. He twice refused a knighthood and opposed the Boer war.

At the age of 47 he married Eleanor Humphrey. They lived in London and had a daughter named Ada, and a son, Harry.

He was teetotal for much of his life and had a period of being vegetarian, long before it became fashionable.

He generously funded numerous buildings in Cornwall and beyond including:

24 public libraries
17 hospitals and convalescent homes
12 homes for adults and children with epilepsy
 5 schools of art and science
 4 art galleries and museums

He died in 1911. Only weeks before his death, with declining health, he was to say the words,
 ‘My work is not yet done.’

Many thanks to Jo Lumber and Dean Evans, sources:
Funding the Ladder: The Passmore Edwards legacy by Dean Evans

A Few Footprints John Passmore Edwards autobiography

The Cornish Doorways Project

The making of Shallal’s current show, ‘Ladders and Footprints’, has been a collaborative process over the past year.  The words ‘Passmore Edwards Free Library’ are carved in stone above the entrance of so many of our public libraries, yet few of us knew much about the meaning. 

Shallal set about exploring the life of philanthropist John Passmore Edwards, beginning with an informative talk from writer Dean Evans, whose years of research went into his book, ‘Funding the Ladder; The Passmore Edwards legacy’. We learned about the work, ethics and generosity of this remarkable Cornish man, whom we believe must be remembered. In times before free education and the National Health Service, he strived to make the health and wellbeing of ordinary people better. Little known today, he was somewhat a nineteenth century celebrity, which crowds gathering to see the opening of his buildings and hear him speak.

So, in typical Shallal style, we celebrate his life and work through dance, theatre, spoken word and visual artwork.  ‘Ladders and Footprints’ has been created as a site-specific show, both outside and inside Falmouth Library, which is indeed a ‘Passmore Edwards Free Library’. We like to think that if he were alive today, John Passmore Edwards would enjoy our somewhat abstract interpretation!

As part of the Cornish Doorways project, this has been our second site-specific piece inspired by local history. In Spring 2016 we performed an outdoor show, ‘Doorways’ at the National Trust property, Godolphin, at Helston. This work drew inspiration from the remains of the building, the aristocracy and their staff who lived and worked at the house and grounds, the connections with the mining industry, and the link to world class racing horses.  The horse racing history has been in the news just recently, with an Arab sheik donating money to Godolphin Cross chapel, due to the eighteenth century connection!

Both shows will be reworked and presented indoors in the Autumn and Winter, at The Acorn Theatre in Penzance 1 December and AMATA at Falmouth University 12 January .

by Jo Lumber

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