Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Successful Show Ladders and Footprints, Sharing Show from Friends and Dancing and new video on vimeo

Congratulations to the whole team, we did it, and right up to the last we weren't so sure it would run smoothly.

We had 5 locations rolling into each other; 
The moor - expansive public pedestrian space 
The side of the Library - focused but still very public space
The front of the library - fantastic entrance, wide steps, side porticos with wall 
The foyer -  grand sweeping central, stairs with red carpet and two upper side entrances
The library research room - quiet squarish space.

The performances shape went from large whole group musical numbers to small intimate poems and monologues.

Audience evaluation sheet feedback will be posted soon, but some that came in other ways here.

Fantastic show at Falmouth on Friday..... Well done to everyone, they were superb.    Dean Evans - Funding the Ladder; The legacy of Passmore Edwards

....Congratulations ....
I thought the production was really splendid – well researched, informative, funny, beautifully realised and very poignant, as ever… well done to everyone and wonderful that despite needing energy for three performances in a row there was no flagging and it just got better and better! I really loved it.                Belinda  Whiting - photographer

Just wanted to say ‘brilliant!’ re the show on Friday        Jacqui Callis

Well done all at Shallal for a very beautiful day at Falmouth Library - amazing day!
Barbara Santi filmmaker and executive producer
As per other email - well done everyone for a fantastic day yesterday - was only going to stay for 1 show but ended up staying for all 3…it was brilliant!

Wow, what an awesome show, I really enjoyed seeing it in all its glory. ........I had a fab time shooting it.                Emily Dobson - photographer /dancer

A wonderful show and very informative. Well done everybody who was involved.   Ian While

Great to see ….Amazing Performance - Oli Raymond Barker

Thanks to Hennie and Jane for enabling us to use the spaces so well. It was a lesson in how adapted buildings fully support access but it still takes along way round. People were diving off to the side to access the lift around the other side of the building and creatively moving themselves up and down stairs to get to their next performance space.

Thanks to Anna and Annis for running around and Nick and Nigel for support and it was a joy to have Skye singing her song live with her dad Jem and brother Zion.

It was also Eddie's birthday!
Jacqui also wrote "where else would Eddie be able to dress up so Eddie, dance so Eddie, create and write songs so Eddie – he truly loves it and it reflects and builds on his creative personality "

very beginning of the day waiting outside with stuff! Anna and Peter

side of the library, the trio and the ladder, note carved heads back left

beginning dances, these were the only times i took photos it was a busy show
men with poles/building, women with books/stepping stones heading towards the library

Jacob at the end, we always needed someone with all the gear outside

This Friday we will evaluate it in the company and vision and plan as ever!
I'm looking forward to next term and working both shows into indoor spaces. Meanwhile we would love to get the message of Passmore Edwards out more, his legacy is not only about wonderful buildings and opportunities for all, but how to use your wealth, how to be useful, how to respond to society.
We need to remember it. Yesterday reflecting on his life someone said to me, " He not only made good, he did good. We need to reflect on his legacy and make it relevant to now." 

Today i stand in for Debs at Friends and Dancing & Express Yourself they did a fantastic Sharing Show last Wednesday, I'm trying to sort the photos....
Esme and David

Martin and Hannah
Martin is also a fantastic artist - we worked together in Dance and Draw approx 30 years ago!
Hannah worked on Aiming High and we would still love to work with her more, but time and other commitments don't allow at present, she works for Fal Care and supports at the group

Friends and Dancing go from strength to strength, fantastic group!

Meanwhile as ever i am rushing to write a Grants for the Arts application for this years Back Lane West residency, which is now a month earlier! October, nice as warmer, but a busy month as we have commissions from Wheal Martyn Museum to do outreach workshops after the successful "Beautiful Dirt" Show by Shallal 2.
I have an R&D wish, Cross Boundaries  born from last years successful collaborations and the story of an Albanian artist not getting funding, and how can we share work at distance....
you can see some of last years residency now on https://vimeo.com/223324593
You will recognise the beautiful music now on Barbara's As get older film, the ladder section and Jo Lumber went into Ladders and Footprints show and the combined working i want to progress and develop and record in our next residency. It was also our first time also working with Emily Dobson as photographer!

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  1. Seems like a celebration of some sort. Where is alot of dancing, by middles aged people. All the group seems to be in their 30s or above. Have fun