Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Busy week
Yesterday the exhibition went up in the community space Falmouth Art Gallery, and looks good. It took longer than expected even with one more of us, Anna joined Michael in helping me and Glen  ( technician ) was patient with us - thank you Glen.

Today creative meeting planning funding makes me more nervous than anything else! the ideas are always there and talking to Stuart with Eddie yesterday gave ideas for more wonderful exciting developments and projects, i think its the endless insecurity and past survival which can make you confident and or nervous, anyway it comes with the self employed territory, i am often so grateful to live in Cornwall and have the freedom to do this work, so....onwards...

I'd hoped to photograph all the art work before hanging but it was so busy that will have to wait till the show comes down. So pleased to have Jo Lumbers poem, Sally's portrait and all the wonderful buildings ....

Ladders and Footprints exhibition
Buildings for Communities- The legacy of John Passmore Edwards.

by Jo Lumber

This exhibition features work produced by company members of ‘Shallal Dance Theatre’ and ‘Shallal Studios’.
Shallal has been exploring the life and work of Cornish philanthropist John Passmore Edwards. His mission was to invest in public buildings, in order to improve the health and wellbeing of communities.  John Passmore Edwards’ name was carved in stone above the doorways of libraries, hospitals and convalescent homes, in Cornwall and beyond.  One such building is this, which opened in 1896 as Falmouth Free Library.  It currently hosts Falmouth Library, Falmouth Art Gallery, Falmouth Town Council offices and the Council Chamber. The site had previously been used as a pig market! John Passmore Edwards also provided a cottage hospital in Falmouth and the building is now used by Age UK.

The artwork displayed shows depictions of the man himself and some of his buildings, plus abstract images and writing inspired by the themes explored. Much of the work was created during Shallal’s Residency in Back Lane West, a studio space in Redruth. Now in its third year, kindly funded by The Arts Council. Shallal had sole use of the building in November.  It was wonderful to have dedicated space and time for research, improvisation, exploration and creation.  Members of the Shallal community were able to collaborate or use the space for solo work.  An open studio event invited friends, families and the wider public to see visual artwork in progress.  An exhibition was held in January at Helston Museum, plus an evening held to showcase the performance art created during the Back Lane West Residency.

A well known name of the Victorian era, we hope to bring the legacy of John Passmore Edwards into peoples consciousness today.
Shallal Dance Theatre’s new performance, ‘Ladders and Footprints’ can be seen here on Friday 14th July at 1.30, 4 and 6pm.

Shallal would like to thank everyone at Falmouth Art Gallery and Library, The Arts Council, Heritage Lottery Fund, Garfield and Weston and all the local supporters and donors to the Doorways Project.

Out There 
'Out There', Shallal's new Liskeard group are performing approx 1.30pm at Blue Light Day, Wadebridge, come along and see them!
Shallal will also have a stall with Shallal Sketchbooks come and browse and learn more about this wonderful project and Shallal's community groups.

Demelza and Alice playing in the garden at The Liskerett Centre, see the dynamic duo tomorrow at Blue Light Day!

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