Saturday, 7 May 2016

Doorways Dress Rehearsal at Godolphin House

Yesterday found us back at dear old Godolphin and I was caught up again into "What a setting" those colonnades, the granite, all so wonderful. Plus walking to work through bluebell woods!

It was busy but nice, with support in place from Pep and Linda, and Victoria multi tasking as costume  and wardrobe and project co-ordinator, as well as usual talented and reliable team.

Al arriving by bike in Mexican themed joyous orange outfit ! he is the only person i have worked with it feels we dress down for shows!

Victoria watching costume

Well done to everyone and thank you to the National Trust. The weather was kind not too hot or too cold, no rain!

This show reflects elements of the strands of society that surrounded and maintained a large wealthy home and everyone has brought characters and themes to life. It is as diverse and interesting as the people who have created it.
 It is a pleasure to watch peoples creativity and responses to this project and blossom and develop within the pieces they create. Different artists come to the fore in different shows and i have enjoyed watching Toby and Annis take more of the stage in this one.
Well done to everyone, its back to rehearsals again next week and running through it with the awareness of the space.
tried to photo Toby in his elegant costume walking with Katherine, joined by Zo and Katie

Molly her first show and solo spot at beginning of the show from her choice of song, one i love, Bright Morning Star Arising

 Dear Harry Theaker's car broke down so he didn't manage to come to watch the rehearsal and give us a 'crit'. Steve Tanner came to photograph in the afternoon, images coming soon, as well as Zoe Young documenting film and Belinda Whiting.
I am looking forward to Belinda  showing me choices for a photo exhibition in Cidery alongside the flower installation. Meanwhile installations by Shallal artists with John Keys and Alessandra, and one by Toby are under way, Paul and Greg have been supporting Toby and Greg's website is very inviting.
...i look forward to seeing it all after 21 May.
Installations will be situ a week before and a week after the show.

George outdoors - it sounded good! 

Joseph also in solo, with Zoe filming close ups and Belinda on photographs, dress rehearsal is one of the only times you can go close up!

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