Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Reminiscence and Photo exhibition

Well here i am blogging when i should be preparing for workshop today at Okehampton, crossing the Tamar to foreign parts ( yes i am Cornish, with a bit of Welsh etc). Nervous and excited to work with Get Changed Theatre co for the day, then rush back to Shallal 2. Who hopefully have a new commission from Wheal Martyn and are very enthusiastic about it.

The reason for the blog is a bit of reminiscence, from early on I knew our style of work suited some people, Zoe and Marjorie have never left! someone must like it, some people have had to move away and have said they are sad they haven't moved near something similar.
But in the last few years i have been pleased to see the children / teenagers progress and move through it. It's not always easy to keep them through the stages, children 'personnal dream' stage - all fine it's an extension of play and your inner world, but through self conscious adolescence is no easy thing for emerging adults.
So i won't post any photos but Michael was in the show Mind the Gap and Shallal for a time and Skye has been with us for many years and they both coincide on this poster:
Michael designed it, he is now our poster designer and will continue when he moves away to university, he has an offer to Edinburgh to study painting in September.
Skye is in Shallal 2 when not too tired from studying music performance at Truro College, she is in the photo and thanks to our funding we have just been able to commission a song from her for the next show.
Do come along to see this exhibition it is a real insight into the many facets of Shallal taken in a few outdoor research days last winter with Belinda Whiting. It was also a way to keep some of the young people who couldn't make Friday rehearsals still engaged in the project.

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