Thursday, 12 May 2016

All around Godolphin Doorways Show

All coming together for the show in 3 weeks time 27th May!
Hope to see you there 2pm at Godolphin House, Godolphin Cross, Helston.

Some lovely publicity photos from Belinda Whiting .......

Elaine and Demelza, Demelza is signing Elaine's poems.

Demelza and Lydia

I started my week with the pleasure of looking at photos Belinda took during our research and development, particularly working with some of the younger dancers who can't make Friday as they are now in college.
Come along to see the exhibition in The Cidery at Godolphin, it does capture the range of Shallal really well, as Belinda hoped. It starts 21 May for 2 weeks, along with 3 installations. Toby is staying over in the area to work on his this week, they will be installed next Friday. The others are collaborations and should be very effective.

Open Day
Lots of exciting things happening, Lesley-anne and i went to see the Open Day at Redwing Gallery.
I was really impressed, mixed exhibitions don't always show peoples work to the best advantage, but this one worked really well. Photos on Shallal Studio blog soon.

Lesley-anne visits us tomorrow to be voted on as a trustee. she brings a lot of skill and experience we are grateful she is willing to be a trustee.
 Harry Theaker - dancer- made it to Cornwall, so he visited Godolphin today and tomorrow he can see the rehearsal.
Barbara comes to go and shoot some film with a small group in the afternoon at Godolphin. the rest of us will be in the "flower factory," those of us who are keen have taken the materials home with us!

Mr Ed's What's Up Show
Today i went to Source FM to be interviewed on Eddie's Mr Ed show, you can hear it on 1pm - 2pm Friday. It's not quite a 'spoiler' for the show but you hear some of the recorded music!

Finally Congratulations to Shallal 2's  small outreach group for their performance in Mergecology St Austell, i finally watched the film of it,  thank you to Miles dad Richard. Well done all the dancers,
and this week news of a commission in the waiting which we are really eager to do. Although fairly small they are a strong and sustained group and really support each other.

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