Thursday, 6 August 2015

see the show ( side view ) on vimeo

Lots to say but for now the long awaited film recording of Always New 24 July

Thanks to Matt Grocutt from The Performance centre for doing filming etc for us.

It was filmed from 2 cameras but one was knocked out of focus so this film is only from the side angle.
However it still shows quite a lot...........sadly not George playing, 
also it repeats the first half so skip onto 1 hour for second half 

Here is a link to the Shallal video online:

You will need the password: sh4ll4l     (these are letters ll not 11)

In the perfromance we showed work from new group Shallal 2 in the first half, Dance on the Grass, which had been created for an outdoor summer show in Gyllyngdune Gardens. 
(Maybelle is 5 and her mum Rosie is dancing with her baby brother Sidney strapped on.)

Then echoes dance co, 3 of them, did a choreographed piece  which Shallal dancers improvised in and out of beginning of second half.

Followed by Shallal Dance Theatre in Always New.
We have been working an open improvisation format for performance with an improvising solo musician George for about a year and so this is what we were exploring in the residency.
The 2 solos had only been done once or twice before the show: first one Zoe Wilton has been working in Shallal approx 25 yrs now
second solo another Zoe, Zoe Osmond 16 ( artist and musician  no formal dance training ) had never done a solo before and was from Shallal 2.

I was so pleased with them all, as it was all unchoreographed and improvised in the moment with the musician apart from 3 obvious recorded pieces which were still improvised.

In The Moment is likely to be the title of our next stage of research/performance.
Looking forward to end of term conversations with Colin and George.....

Playfest with Shallal 2 and Kneehigh's show yesterday more on next blog!

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