Saturday, 8 August 2015

Musical feedback

Message to main company from George! after the show.

HiYa Jo and all lovely "Shallal-sters"

What a sweet group picture Belinda took.

And what a tremendous group work/week.

Bit tired I am!
Hope you are all well...
I think we can be Super Pleased with what we create.

I was so very impressed with the Shallal 2 show!
So beautiful, moving and even funny to eye watering hilarious too! 
I wish I could watch our show from the audience.

I love being part of Shallal.

Lottsa  Love to all,
"Hit-it" George

"Hit it George" is Katie's phrase which has stuck!

photo from Belinda

I have started sending out evaluation questions/forms
It was so busy we couldn't do it straight after and sometimes it is nice to digest and have a little space and reflect on it.....

Kerry Lawrence's feedback was very insightful......
Please can you comment on the residency......

Working with Live improvised music:
Again this was new experience, watching the interaction and communication between the dancers and the musician was something I had seen in India only at a performance level . The synchronicity between the members of the company, George and the members of Shallal who worked with George was inspirational. Somehow the musicians were able to interpret and anticipate the rhythms and movements of the dancers in a way which I can only describe as a sort of musical architecture. There appeared to be real structure on which the dancers were able to perform and experiment with.

Having the space and possibility to explore musical compositions informed by the dancers and for the dancers being able to respond to the music which in turn comes out of their own movement is a rare and marvellous experience. 

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